I have celery that HAS TO BE USED by tomorrow

recipes with onion? or foods you like to add onion to? i have way too much tia!

recipes with onion? or foods you like to add onion to? i have way too much😂 tia!

thank for the original creator Mikayla Morey

28 thoughts on “recipes with onion? or foods you like to add onion to? i have way too much tia!”

  1. Dianne Richardson

    Steamed smoked sausage, with lots of onions and stewed tomatoes.. season with a tad of sugar, garlic powder, salt and pepper, serve over white sticky rice

  2. Benjamin Garcia

    Onion soup. Onions on hamburgers. Onions in anything sautéed. Onions in tuna fish sandwiches.

  3. Denise Christiansen

    Slice up and cook in butter until caramelized. Cook perogies according to package. Put in pan with onions and gently sauté for a couple of minutes. Serve with sour cream.

  4. Philly cheesesteaks, smoked sausage, hamburger patties and onions with gravy, I also add chopped onion when I brown ground beef for almost anything.

  5. Take a whole onion.. cut it like a blooming onion, stuff with beef bulion, (the paste styff) and butter .. wrap in tinfoil leaving a chimney ..toss on grill for a hour or more it’ll end up tasting like French onion soup

  6. Krissy Fischer

    I put onions in literally everything, make salsa with tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, 1 pablano pepper, little sugar, sea salt & fresh cracked pepper, fresh garlic cloves,, cilantro. I measure nothing but there are several recipes on Google. I highly recommend fire roasting all the veg in a skillet or open flame first, makes huge difference! I tried baking last time & it turned out rather mushy but the juices were really good, either way, but give it a try, if making pico de Gallo don’t roast the veg, fresh is best

  7. You can add onions to just about anything… if you like pickles or banana peppers after you eat them all add onions and cucumbers to the juice even eggs… also on hot summer days cute up onions cucumbers and tomatoes and add Italian dressing salt and pepper it’s so good or add vinegar with salt and pepper

  8. Nichole Thompson

    I love onions. tomatoes, cucumber’s, and onions with Italian dressing. Onions and potatoes. I add onion to just about everything I cook as well as minced garlic. Roast. Cubed steak. If anything cut them up and freeze them

  9. Tammy Lorenz Labriola

    Make French onion soup and can our freeze it (without the bread and cheese). Then use as a sauce/marinade for meats or add to rice or pasta, or just soup later.

  10. Here’s an old weird one for u. Lol hav nt had one in many many years. My Gma saved bacon grease and cut onion in thin slices…grease and onion sandwich. I know… I liked them then

  11. Rick Darla Hunt Wagner

    My family were onion farmers during the depression so we eat onions on everything !!

  12. Sauteed onions in scrambled eggs, frittata, spaghetti, meatloaf, over burgers, with sauteed peppers over pasta

  13. Tuna pasta salad cook macaroni let it cool add tuna mayo onions and some people add peas serve cold

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