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Quick PSA So we always have cans of tuna Never have we thought to make Pattie’…

Quick PSA
So we always have cans of tuna Never have we thought to make Pattie’s out of them
So for dinner I tried it!
All you need is a couple cans of tuna
Bread crumbs
2 eggs
And seasoning of choice
I made a side of broccoli and Jasmine Rice
The partties came out amazing

thank for the original creator Erika Burke

26 thoughts on “Quick PSA So we always have cans of tuna Never have we thought to make Pattie’…”

  1. Beth-Buff Mowry King

    A co worker makes them but at some point there’s Cream of mushroom soup in it or over it..

  2. Kaylie Carruthers

    To fill them out more you can sprinkle the tuna in mash with egg and seasonings. Then breadcrumb and cook or fry.

  3. Kimmi Rayne Paige

    I do this with canned salmon or crab when I can’t get good prices for fresh on either of them. I’m not a big tuna fan so can only eat it between two slices of bread or under a lot of cheese in a Tuna melt.

  4. Shawntel Hilton

    I make tuna patties with stove top stuffing, tuna, and shredded cheese of choice. So easy and tasty.

  5. I like to leave most of the water from the can instead of draining it because I feel like it turns out less dry and I like to mix ranch mayo and Miracle whip together for the dipping sauce and for the seasonings I use salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder and a splash of Worcestershire sauce

  6. Patricia Ann Mills

    I do mackerel patties.

    I mix breadcrumbs, mayo, and canned mackerel. I air-fry or bake them. Healthier and less likely to burn, but they taste almost identical, just less oily, and the Mayo adds some oil.

    I like yam patties as a side and, strange as it sounds, I dip my mackerel patties in honey.

  7. My co worker has said she makes hers like that all the time. I’ve never thought to do it either I’ve always used salmon or mackerel but i don’t see why tuna wouldn’t work

  8. My recipe calls for in addition to finely chopped onion and celery and some mayo to make it more moist. Interchange tuna with salmon.

  9. Stefanie Falls

    We do both!😀 Exept we use saltines instead of breadcrumbs. That’s how my grandmother taught me, but she did tell me about breadcrumbs. My hubby loves the salmon and kids love tuna. I have to cook a bunch everytime because they look forward to the leftovers. If there isn’t enough for lunch the next day, they all get upset.

  10. Juanita Bustamante

    My mother used to mix 2 cans of with 1 big can of salmon and 1 big can of jack mackeral for her patties. I prefer just tuna in mine. Either way they’re simple and delicious!

  11. Brittany Briggs

    That’s the first way I had my toddler try tuna. I was trying to figure out a way as the taste is distinct lol. She loves them. Sauté them in a little oil. Sometimes I add parm cheese with the breadcrumbs. Sooo yummy!

  12. Tami Mayo Stastny

    Haven’t made tuna patties, but my family LOVES salmon patties and have used canned chicken for chicken patties…yummo

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