Quaker Hill, CT in the United states…

Quaker Hill, CT in the United states

This is the look at from my bedroom window. I like to wake up and appear out at the backyard my partner and I made. When I ordered my house in 2000 the back lawn was all shade and above the program of time, that provided 2 hurricanes, 4 quite big trees in my yard and the neighbors had to be minimize down. The improvements following getting the tress have been excellent as the sunlight was introduced to our back property.
My home is modest 900 sq ft and it sits on . 20 acres. I enjoy it and compact is a amazing issue. It was a fixer upper within and out and through time it has advanced into a heat welcoming room.

thank for the unique creator Laurie Carlson

31 thoughts on “Quaker Hill, CT in the United states…”

  1. Such a homey yard. You made lemonade out of the lemons( hurricanes).
    Hello from Big Bear Lake, California, USA

  2. It’s beautiful and peaceful. Are you near Norwich? I have relatives there. Hello from Southampton, Nee Jersey.

  3. Lois Cunningham

    Hello 👋👋 Quaker Hill,CT from Ontario, Canada.May God bless you always.Sorry you had to go through that , but it looks good to me

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