Friday of Love: Finding Empathy, Inner Pease and Comfort
It was Friday afternoon. heading back home after work. Exhausted, down, feel depressed, tormented, and thinking about the good times we spent together as lovebirds.

Friday of Love: Finding Empathy, Inner Pease and Comfort

I have given him everything. Nothing left in me. All my emotions devoted to a single person, I wish that would last for a lifetime. It was that much worse, I can’t exactly point what made me hectic or agonized.

Is it too much work or less work? Credit cards? Bank loans? Lost love? my inner peace gradually devouring from the beginning of the week and proclaimed on a Friday afternoon as a laureate.

I had one solid question. How can I bring life back to me? Does a few wine shorts can take away my worries or calling my old friend can bring back life? Will there be enough money on my bank account to harmonize hurricane-like emotions?

In my right, slow ripples of lake condescendingly hide all mysteries and beauty of infidelity relationships of men and women traveling in this rusty bank of the lake for years. Their unknown love stories will forever be known to their legal ones.

Is there a space in this deep water for me to hide my long-gone love story? Why his memory still troubling me. As usual I whipped my eyes looking at unknown space. Gloomy vast water surface remains silent as it wants to tease my inner peace.

This incident happened right at that moment when a homeless lady approach with a small little baby in her arms asking for a few dollars. Instantly it made me realize that my emotional condition is better in comparison to the homeless lady.

In my situation, I have lost relationships and troubled financial worries. Her situation seems to have an unimaginable level of problems at different levels. Her situation, A meal for dinner, a place for sleep seems far depriving than mine. Her little baby slowly makes slight noises.

Ohh.. That kid was breathing. Still living. Surviving in this shaded place where the devil propagates money by leading to angels. Angels pay interest to live while the devil built emperors. That kid relentlessly hugs mother seeking something not there with her.

Little Kid perhaps dries every inch of energy exists in homeless mother, but her smile reminds me that she has generously willing to offer boundless energy every single breath she inhales.

She is asking a few dollars to live. Her thin pale appealing voice momentously starts to question my worries. When poor meets extremely poor, poor suddenly feel rich. The ego has nine cat lives. Am I having one now?

Empathy Is All You Need

The love of a mother transcends boundless energy to a child. Every one of us suffers different levels of missing the emotional energy required for satisfaction. We often blame the next girlfriends or boyfriends for the things did by previous ones. We hurt ourselves for missing someone mostly wanted. This woman missed her husband. The kid needs a father. It’s amazing how worry comes uniquely to everyone’s life like a ghost you never know how bad or good it is. you only know worries keep troubling you from different faces.

Only Love can measure love

One thing I learned is that people have measurements to weight love, attention, pride, wealth, and success on their own. But most of us compare our life excessive with someone else. I need to stop that and think about my story.

How can you deal with a stressful situation

You need control of your physical body to fight with emotional body.

Remember, your body is the ultimate tool that helps you to navigate all the ripple realities in life. Therefore, your success has a 50% contribution from your physical body. Accept it and give the best attention to your body. The more you care, the more you receive from your body. Work on it. Give the care to receive care from your body.Oki, what I would recommend to you is nothing but slight behavioral adjustments to what you eat. I guarantee that you will see results sooner. Your friend may compliment you, the mirror may represent your more beautifully, strongly, savvy.

But If you want an incredible Instagram worthy body, there is extra dedication needed.

Taking Control of your Money Management

There is absolutely brutal impact from poor money management to your life.

However, remember great money managers are not the most successful people, but poor money management can be considerably decisive stress contributor to your happiness and well-being.

Therefore, mastering money management skills should be part of dealing with the stress situation. Simple control of your expenditure does make a big difference.

Put careful attention to your daily expenses, and re-assess your needs, prioritize requirement wisely can help you immensely to deal with debt, expenditure.Using a money management mobile app is a great start and you can master money management techniques out there in the internet and elsewhere to master the art of money management.

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