Portland, Oregon, United states of america. Last drop. From my eating window. I had moved to Oregon f…

Portland, Oregon, United states. Past tumble. From my dining window. I had moved to Oregon from California only 6 months earlier so my 94 12 months outdated dad with Alzheimer’s could transfer in with me. Soon after 30 years of what appeared all drought, it was magical to see so a great deal green, so several trees and in particular the turning of the leaves in Autumn. It’s a humble position, but it’s my really have.

As for my dad, the most tough thing I’ve ever performed. At moments, it broke my physique and spirit. But I’ve been blessed to see him in a distinct gentle. My like for him has deepened. Right after a year, he’s now in the treatment of people additional capable. I know he misses our drives down the lush Oregon streets.

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  1. Lovely photo…. thank you for sharing your story… ❤️ Hello from Hot Springs Arkansas USA

  2. Bernadette Palumbo

    Beautiful colors! I intend to keep my mom with me at home for as long as possible. She’s 91 now.

  3. I want to live in Oregon just so I can grow all~the~maples!!!
    Dallas, Texas 🦋🎶🐝

  4. Marirose, all good wishes to you and your dad. That is an exhausting and difficult journey…
    Hello also from Portland Oregon

  5. Susan K. Jones

    Absolutely gorgeous, my favorite season too! You are blessed to be a blessing to your loved one.

  6. Christa Gayle Wood

    What a lovely story and lovely landscape! Thanks for sharing it. Blessings from Ingleside On The Bay, Texas

  7. Alison Starkey

    It’s been a wet set of seasons recently here in Portland. We are fortunate as we could have been under the 114 degree heatdome this time of year, last year. Admiring your tub gardens from SE pdx!😉

  8. Virginia Parmer

    That’s a beautiful garden, and I’m sure your dad misses it. I’m dealing with the same horrible disease with my husband. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and like you, there are days it breaks my body and spirit. Problem being, I’m 77, so it’s a really big challenge for me.

  9. 💚I was in Portland in April and the flowering trees were spectacular 🎉greetings from the Monterey Bay

  10. Susan Regan Goodhand

    Beautiful photo and post. You will never regret the time you spent with your dad. Dementia stinks. 💕

  11. Melinda Faggard Base

    Welcome to OR! I was born in CA and I can relate to your move. I love the PNW💜🐚🌲

  12. Mary Ellen Maxwell

    You will cherish those memories with your Dad forever. Greetings from South Dakota. I was lucky that my Mom was sharp as a tack and lived to 96–the last four years with me. What a great opportunity for both of us to reconnect out here on the South Dakota prairie.

  13. Anne Dimopoulos

    Blessings from Wisconsin. A beautiful photo, a touching story, and all those memories.

  14. Love your yard and the silver tubs for your raised garden.
    I know how you feel. My mom had Alzheimer’s for 10 years. I moved from CA to AR to help care for her and my dad. It was a challenge to handle her needs and yet give my daddy the attention he needed. The worse part was watching my smart loving mom disappear before my eyes. She got to a point where she thought I hated her and wanted her to suffer and eventually she didn’t know who any of us were.
    She always knew my daddy. She became legally blind over time but when he took her hand in his she would say, “my husband”.
    She wouldn’t sleep much and would go hunting at night for home. It worn us out watching her night and day. And trying to keep her from wandering.
    We had to place her where she could get attention night and day.
    I know it feels terrible when you can’t manage the care any longer but sometimes we don’t have a choice.
    From Arkansas

  15. Marirose Piciucco, speaking to my heart with how much caring for a dad is the most challenging thing we have done and it certainly can break the body and spirit, but I’m so glad to have had the time with my father who went off on his next adventure just two weeks ago. Love seeing the colors of beautiful Oregon and all the best to you and yours from Boulder, Colorado.

  16. Barbara Silverstein

    My heart goes out to you as I lost my dad to this terrible disease. Sending prayers and Aloha from Maui, Hawaii🌺

  17. Joan Crocker Glenney

    I feel the love and the pain that arose from caring for your Dad. One of my dearest friend’s is relatively early on on her journey with Alzheimers, I just pray that she has more good days than bad in front of her and give her all the support that I can. My best to you and your father from

  18. Meredith Johnson

    Welcome to Oregon. Portland, Oregon. I am a native who was lucky to live California dreamin for a while and there is beauty in both.

  19. Sharon Sprenger

    Greetings from Ocala Florida. I was my husbands caregiver and he had vascular dementia, so thinking of you. My husband passed at the age of 62. The hard part i found was the long goodbye. I would ask my husband the name of our dog and then knew for conversation what timeframe he was in.

    Take care of yourself and Enjoy your place and spending time with your dad ❤️

  20. It looks as if the red leaves were gently put on the ground, perfectly placed apart. Beautiful
    Greetings from Cincinnati Ohio!

  21. Beautiful post. Glad dad has you. My mom had dementia. Her beautiful soul and spirit never changed. I think you know what I mean.

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