26 thoughts on “Plz give me burger recipes,Not the norm.”

  1. We take a regular burger patty and top it with a jalapeño popper topping (cream cheese, jalepenos diced, shredded cheddar and diced bacon pieces. It’s so good! I know you said not the norm, but the topping turns any burger patty to great.

  2. I mix chorizo in with mine … But be careful it adds a high fat content and creates a massive amount of grease, best done on the grill

  3. Emma Krietemeyer

    We mix ground beef with chopped green pepper, onion, and Chipotle Garlic McCormick Grill seasoning. Throw that on a burger press and the grill and 🔥

  4. Jason Pete Condor

    pound of meat quarter jar of jelly add onion powder and garlic yarn know salt and pepper and turn into Patty’s sweet burgers

  5. Season and stuff with feta cheese or Chedder and bake on 350 for 6 min a side …juicy burgers everytime …I made some tonight ..make sure the fat content is not to low cause it makes burgers dry …

  6. Burger, garlic, onions, your fave seasonings, bbq sauce and seasonings, your favorite cheese. BBQ cheeseburger.

  7. Stuff with cheese and jalapeños. Mushrooms and Swiss. Bacon cream cheese cheddar mix stuff. Chipotle mayo. Siracha mayo. Mix Bleu cheese and cheddar cheese. Grill pineapple.slices mix BBQ and pineapple juice brush on burgers while grilling add sliced pineapple more bbq sauce red onion and chopped cilantro.

  8. Mix blue cheese crumbles, chopped onions and crumbled bacon with Mayo and salt and pepper and put on top of burgers.

  9. Burger with cheddar cheese, over medium egg and bacon. I also add lettuce and extra hot sauce to mine.

  10. Joyce Altenberger Votava

    I use spreadable sharp cheddar cheese vs sliced cheese. Takes a burger to a wholennew level

  11. Charlyn Whittaker

    Fried up bacon chopped up, shredded marble cheese mixed in with the ground beef, along with tex Mex seasoning, salt, pepper, egg and breadcrumbs… mix, form into patties… BBQ and enjoy

  12. I used to do cheddar and bacon stuffed burgers a lot. And dressed with BBQ sauce and french fried onions. Not exactly out of the norm. But a little special

  13. Cindy Jimenez Kennedy

    Hamburger with finely chopped onions lipton onion soup mix and whortishire sauce.

  14. Burger, diced jalapenos, cheese and your fav seasonings (I add bbq sauce as well)
    Mix and form into patties and pop on the grill.

  15. Julie Richardson

    Pizza burgers.
    Make a hamburger patty
    Season with salt & pepper
    Grill,bake or fry
    Add pizza sauce,pepperoni & mozzarella cheese. Toast burger bun and add burger and toppings to it

  16. Open face burgers. Mix hamburger with some chopped onions, saltine cracker crumbs, 1 egg, a few squirts of ketchup and mustard, some shredded cheese, salt and pepper. Spread on hamburger buns halves, French bread slices, English Muffins. Bake at 400 for 15 minutes or so until beef is browned!! Yummy!! 😋

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