Plain Boiled Rice Chinese Style Recipe How to Cook Rice

Plain Boiled Rice Chinese Style Recipe (How to Cook Rice)

Simple Boiled Rice Chinese Fashion Recipe (How to Cook dinner Rice)

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300g Rice
1 Litre Water
1 Tsp White Vinegar

1. Clean rice in a bowl with cold h2o and then discard the drinking water
2. Rinse the rice numerous instances until the water operates apparent
3. Position the rice in a saucepan, increase vinegar and a litre of cold drinking water, spot on to the cooker
4. Switch on the heat to high, provide to the boil
5. As soon as reaches to the boiling issue, go away to boil on medium warmth for 2 minutes – stir once to prevent sticking
6. Just take a grain of rice to check by squeeze with your fingers, it need to be very little delicate outdoors but nevertheless tricky in the center
7. Idea most of the liquid out so you are not able to see drinking water previously mentioned the rice level– this is significant
8. Protect the pan and prepare dinner on the least expensive heat for 10 minutes – do not eliminate the lid or stir in the course of this
9. Get rid of the lid right after 10 minutes and transform off the warmth, stir and fluff the rice
10. Area into a dish and prepared to serve

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