Our check out from our bed room. Really don’t intellect kitty, she loves looking at the cars and trucks go go…

Our check out from our bedroom. Don’t brain kitty, she loves viewing the automobiles go move. We live in a small city called Albany, in Western Australia. Acquiring immigrated from South Africa 10 yrs in the past. To say we are blessed is an understatement. We dwell in gorgeous tranquil town, and have the most excellent lifetime right here.

thank for the initial creator Nicole Ryland

36 thoughts on “Our check out from our bed room. Really don’t intellect kitty, she loves looking at the cars and trucks go go…”

  1. Your kitty looks alot like Willow that’s featured on a Australian blog. It’s called Ban Life with Willow.

  2. Patricia Guldan Grantom

    Looks like you are quite content in your home! (Kitty too!) blessings from Pasadena, Texas!

  3. Helene Jermolajew

    Albany is such a beautiful place, I visited briefly in our road trip to Perth way back in 1989. Hi from Canberra.

  4. Beautiful!! Thank You for sharing your beautiful view! Hello from Mukwonago, Wisconsin USA

  5. The kitty makes the view even more peaceful. 🐈‍⬛ Greetings from Rough and Ready, California

  6. Jennine Stratton

    Awesome ! Your cat loves the view too ! Thank you for Sharing your special view ! Texas USA

  7. Eileen Bambrough

    Good to heat your positive outcome of taking that step in faith ….saying hi from Jeffrey’s, Bay…..S.A.

  8. Clara Lee Toomer

    Wonderful view, your kitty looks like our Tuffy cat who has passed on. We had him almost 16 years. Greetings from Yucca Arizona USA 🏜

  9. Heather Critchley

    This photo brought back memories for me. I lived in WA for many years on a street like this.

  10. So wonderful view and normaly the wonderful life! Be happy! From Bucharest Romania 💥🌈

  11. Candice Ainslie Ormerod

    Beautiful view ❤️ As i looked at the pic i said to myself definitely South Africa coz the homes look similar 😂🤣Many say SA & Australia are similar ? Enjoy 🤩

  12. I’m from Italy and visited Albany and the Southern West coast in a road trip in 2017, a lot of nice memories! Very peaceful and wonderful surroundings!

  13. Terrie McGowan

    Beautiful front garden and neighborhood view with a sweet kitty bonus! Hello from the mountains of Franklin North Carolina USA.

  14. Love the picture – especially the kitty! We have an Albany in California too. It is just north of Berkeley and also a little town. Probably Albany, New York is better known.
    Hi from Menlo Park, California USA!

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