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Looking for every ones favorite go to thing to bring

Other then Mac & cheese what can I make with leftover elbow noodles?? I boil…

Other then Mac & cheese what can I make with leftover elbow noodles?? I boiled a big batch not realizing we did not have much alfredo sauce left and would like to use them.

thank for the original creator Haily LaGrange Thibodeaux

26 thoughts on “Other then Mac & cheese what can I make with leftover elbow noodles?? I boil…”

  1. LeighAnn Camacho

    I use elbows and throw in onions, peas, tuna and boiled egg with some mayo, salt and pepper. Delicious pasta salad!

  2. Veronica Gardea

    Soup like , water , tomato sauce , bouillon , slices of tomato, onions and Monterrey jack cheese ,

    Serve with tortillas … and apply home made salsa

  3. Pasta salads, my favorite is pasta, poppy seed dressing, chopped celery, green onion, canned chicken and craisins

  4. you can freeze in 2 cup portions and just plunge in boiling water when you want to use them in a recipe

  5. JudyLynn Clarke

    Tuna salad. Add a can of Tuna or two, some diced onion and dice peppers if you like them and mayo. Mix well. Refrigerate for a couple hours for the flavors to go through everything. Enjoy

  6. Beef Lombardi casserole. It’s cheap, delicious, and filling. Like a baked ziti or lasagna but better when you’re on a budget. Plus, it freezes well for one of those nights that you don’t feel like cooking.

  7. Andrea J. Green

    Elbow noodles can be made into macaroni salad, added into chili for chili mac, You can cook up chicken add in cream of chicken soup for added flavor. Make goulash.

  8. Trudy Crouther

    Add. Custard and cream to them. And a like. sprinkle of cinnamon can also add some tin fruit

  9. Melissa A Hughes

    Can chicken, cream of chicken, chicken broth, mixed with noodles, over mashed potatoes.

  10. Tuna pasta salad –
    Elbow noodles, tuna, mayo, chopped onion, salt, pepper, garlic powder and shredded cheddar cheese (optional).

  11. Dawn Kepner-Becker

    Goulash or just use your imagination and creativity and come up with your own recipe!

  12. Kelly Winningham

    Yes pasta salad, olive garden chicken or buffalo wild wings garlic Parm chicken… Hamburger steak over egg noodles or Salisbury steak, home made hamburger chicken or tuna helper

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