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Ooooookay… So I’m going to a 4th of July party and I need to bring a side dish f…

Ooooookay… So I’m going to a 4th of July party and I need to bring a side dish for about 50 people, well the thing is I need it to be super easy and super cheap…. Ideas???? please and thanks!!!! Send help!

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  1. Pamela Pfeifle

    Estrellita salad:
    Corn niblets
    Green pepper
    Green onion
    Cheddar Cheese
    Catalina dressing
    Chop all veggies, combine and add dressing. When ready to eat add corn chips and shredded cheese.

  2. I have a recipe for an Orzo Pasta salad, no mayo. Dressing is a white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano and basil. In the salad, grape tomatoes halved, cucumber diced, Kalamata olives, red pepper and yellow pepper. It is delicious and will keep. Very easy to make and will keep nice for the 4th of July.

  3. Anita Ward Mancuso

    A large tray of baked ziti, macaroni salad, relish tray, veggie tray, cucumber, tomato salad, baked beans.

  4. Ronda Dunlap Musick

    Cowboy Cheese dip!!
    A brick of velvetta cheese,
    I can of original rotel tomatoes,
    I pkg of sausage or 1 lb. HB meat browned
    1 can of ranch style beans
    1 1/2 cups of milk.

    Place everything in the crock pot and let it melt, stir & enjoy with tortilla chips! Be sure & take a spoon for dipping!! Enjoy!! Note: I always use a crock pot liner, easy clean up!!

  5. Teresa LeMunyan

    Few containers of cool whip , 2 boxes of pistachio pudding , 2 cans crushed pineapple mix together can add mini marshmallows I’d desired. Makes a big bel full

  6. Little smokies in the crockpot, grape jelly and bbq sauce. Its always a hit. Google how to do it. Its easy.

  7. Strawberry salsa
    21/2 cups chopped strawberry
    11/2 cup diced up blueberries
    1/4 cup finely chopped red onion
    1 small finely chopped jalapeños ( more if you want heat)
    Mix together
    In another bowl
    Mix 1/2 cup honey
    1/3 cup lime juice
    Mix well, pour over salsa
    Serve with scoops or pita chips also you can make this with cranberries at Christmas time and serve it over Philadelphia cream cheese and serve with different chips

  8. I just made coleslaw and added some bacon.. wasn’t the worst!

    A bag (or 3) of coleslaw mix
    A bottle (or 3) of coleslaw dressing

    Easy, quick and delicious!

  9. I would think just make a side dish. Not for 50 people. Everyone will be bringing a dish some the same dish as you. Have fun

  10. Pasta salad. Cook noodles. Drain and run under cold water. Dice cucumbers and tomatoes and add a bottle of Italian dressing. (If you use two boxes of noodles you may need to add more dressing unless it’s a big bottle. Taste check it. Put in fridge overnight and stir right before serving.

  11. Anita Murray Epperson

    Corn salad it’s canned corn drained, chopped up sweet peppers, black beans,chopped up cilantro, olive garden dressing. It’s so good. You can add anything you like to it, jalapenos little tomatoes 🤷

  12. Nichole McElroy

    Make a Cesar pasta salad. I make ahead and put the dressing in a mason jar and put into the fridge for 24 hours, then I get a squeeze bottle from the BBQ isle at Walmart and put the dressing in it and allow people to dress their own salad so the lettuce doesn’t get soggy. I’ll post pictures of the recipe for the dressing and salad in the comments.

  13. Davina Sorenson

    Cucumber, tomato, purple onion and roasted red pepper Italian dressing (I use kraft), cut veggies, put in a large sealable bowl, add enough dressing to just cover and let sit in fridge overnight. Cheap and Easy!

  14. Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions soaked in vinegar or little smokies in BBQ sauce, or deviled eggs, homemade coleslaw, macaroni salad, potato salad, watermelon, salad

  15. Kim Larrabee Aldridge

    You won’t need to make a dish to feed 50 people if the others are bringing a dish also. There will be so much food people can’t eat every dish.

  16. Cold Corn Salad
    2 frozen bags of corn, thawed and rinsed
    One Red onion diced
    Bacon chopped or pieces
    Mayo, sour cream and milk to thin to liking
    Seasoning of choice
    Mix all together. Sprinkle paprika on top. Some people use this as a dip, you could add once cup cooked and cooked macaroni noodles to it and shred cheese

  17. Sunny Campbell

    I usually make cowboy baked beans for our crowd. Use 4 large cans of baked beans, 1/4 cup of dark brown sugar, 1 small bottle of bbq sauce, 1-2lb ground cooked hamburger meat, 1 pack cut up cooked bacon, add a little flour to the grease add to the pot of beans, wipe pan put in 1 cut up onion, orange bell pepper, red bell pepper and 1 sliced jalapeño and drizzle with olive oil and 1 tbsp of butter. Heat to scorching hot so peppers are not cooked soft but get scorched and add to beans. Place in casserole dish cook on 400 for 20 minutes.

  18. Frozen or fresh Green beans cooked with bacon and onions.
    Fry bacon 🥓. Drain grease from frypan. (Reserve grease from bacon) once cooled, Cut up bacon into small pieces.
    Fry up diced 🧅 onions.
    Mix onions 🧅 , bacon 🥓 and green beans in a pot with a box of chicken broth and a quart of water. Add garlic and onion powder to pot. Season lightly with pepper. Cook till green beans are desired consistency. Put in a sturdy disposable tin pan to carry to the party or put in crockpots to keep warm.
    Very yummy. I’m always asked to bring my green beans to parties.

  19. Linda Williams

    Make coleslaw from cabbage (shred it)..Mayo, apple vinegar and sugar…Can add carrots but is ok without ..Super cheap and makes a big bowl of coke slaw.

  20. Macaroni salad. Simple and cheap. Just use chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, bacon bits , shredded cheese, ranch and mayo. It’s delicious.

  21. Tamarene Boswell

    Fruit salad. Watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, pineapples and strawberries. Buy whole wash fruit then cut up and keep on ice. Refreshing and lite. Not cheap but cutting it up yourself is way less expensive then buying it cut up.

  22. Cut watermelon into triangles and attach popsicle sticks into them so it’s easy to grab and eat!

  23. Bonnie Gallagher

    Pineapple soufflé I would double the recipe it is a hit wherever I bring it serve it warm so delicious

  24. Stephanie Deblasio

    Blt pinwheels

    8 oz cream cheese
    1/2 cup Mayo
    1/2 cup chopped tomato
    1 pack bacon
    Shredded lettuce

    Mix cream cheese, Mayo, tomatoes, and bacon, spread on tortillas. Sprinkle shredded lettuce and wrap tight. Refrigerate for one hour and cut into pinwheels

  25. Italian pasta salad-
    Tomatoes chopped
    Cucumbers chopped
    Black olives sliced
    Bottle of Italian dressing
    Top with parmesan cheese shake. I also sometimes add grilled chicken breast cut into bite sized pieces.

  26. Barbara Hibbard

    Cold pasta salad

    1 lb of cooked twist pasta
    3/4″ slab turkey from the deli cubed
    3/4″ slab ham cubed
    1/2 small package sharp cheddar cubed
    1/2 small pk Monterey Jack cheese cubed
    About a half cup of frozen uncooked peas – optional
    Small pieces of broccoli 1 or 2 small clumps
    1/4 head + cauliflower chopped small
    2-3 stalks celery cut up
    garlic powder, adabo, pepper and then some Parmesan cheese on it,
    1 part Caesar salad dressing to
    3 parts Italian dressing about half bottle
    When I dish up my bowl I’ll add five or six grapes or two or three teaspoons of crushed pineapple whatever I have on hand.

    If you had the salad around for a couple of days you might need to add a little bit more of the salad dressing because the pasta soaks it up.
    You can make it your own by adding other veggies that you like such as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, olives, peppers. I just don’t care for those things use your imagination and add according to your family’s preferences.

    You might want to make one and a half or double the recipe for that many people.

  27. Jennifer Babin Isbell

    Taco pinwheels- 1 block cream cheese mixed with 1 package taco seasoning, spoon mixture onto tortillas and roll, refrigerate for 1 hour and then cut

  28. Put Cut hot dogs up, any brand, any price, can of pineapple chunks drained, depending on how many hot dogs cut up into bite size, 2 or 3 cans or jars of sweet and sour sause.. put in crock pot. Toothpicks in a cup near pot.

  29. Corn dip!!!
    Drained whole kernel corn
    Chopped onion
    Ranch packet
    Mayo & Sour cream
    Shredded cheese
    Mix all together and use Fritos scoops to dip. It is super easy and super cheap to make for a big crowd.

  30. Lynn Parry Main

    Cowboy Caviar, Google it and use spend with pennies recipe. If you double the ingredients and buy 2 or 3 large bags of tortillas scoops, that should do it!

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