One particular night is plenty of……

1 night is sufficient…
Summertime has formally begun in the northern hemisphere. But my heart stays in my preferred winter and the times I lived in the snowy mountains photographing the starry sky and at the exact same time looking for hope for a greater tomorrow. This winter I did not have ample nights at the peaks. ButI had the magical privilege of getting on Mount Olympus beneath severe weather problems.
Evenings in the mountains are in some cases hard particularly throughout the winter. In this mission I had with me all my photographic machines to capture the perfection of the mountain. The final evening in the mountain hid enough air in it to the place that any sort of pictures was unthinkable.. The gusts of wind arrived at near to 50-60 kilometers per hour.
My physique had collapsed from fatigue, body weight, lack of rest and stress. A few minutes right before the moon established and at the very same time in advance of the alpen glow commenced to illuminate the landscape I went out of the shelter to photograph the Galaxy. I discovered a area that did not have considerably air to shake the tripod and took this photograph.
In the centre we have the third highest peak of Olympus, Stefani also acknowledged as the Throne of Zeus. In the track record is the next peak, Skolio and lastly on the correct is the peak of Toumba. The nights in the mountains are tricky. But when it has a distinct sky, all this magical landscape is really worth as considerably as an eternity.
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Nikon D850+ Nikkor Af-S 14-24f/2.8
14mm f/2.8 15sec iso2000
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