What can I do with a bunch of leftover cooked

Okay i need alllll the suggestions. We are currently in our rv full time with no…

Okay i need alllll the suggestions. We are currently in our rv full time with no fridge 😭 we have a cooler but our options are limited. I need cheap meals to feed myself, my husband, and maybe our two year old if she eats lol. We have a stove and oven, instant pot, crockpot, and griddle

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  1. Tuna in boxed mac and cheese. Peas as a side dish or even in it. Spaghetti and pasta sauce, walking tacos, kielbasa, broccoli and cheese foil packets.

  2. Lots of items to utilize that don’t have to be refrigerated. Like, root vegetables, canned meats, dry pasta and/or rice, canned fruits and veggies.

  3. Anna Schnetzer Johnson

    Dollar tree has quart milk that does not have to be refrigerated until opened. Use alot of canned meats, tuna, spam, chicken.

  4. I found a really cheap and easy recipe for Chili!! And it’s so good! Just throw it all in the crockpot! (I always cook my meat first though)

  5. Cook chicken flavored Rice-a-Roni according to package and add a can of chicken. Serve with green beans.

  6. Michelle Murray

    Boxed and canned foods are your best bet. Ground beef can stay good in a cooler (with ice) for a couple of days, same with hot dogs and lunch meats. Just buy a chicken, some ground beef and then some canned meats. Burritos, casseroles, spaghetti, all easy in a camper.

  7. Michelle Murray

    I had pork chops, chicken, steaks, Italian sausage and hamburger lasted a week in a cooler that we got dry ice in. Seriously stayed frozen, I had to take our meat out to another cooler to defrost. Just an fyi.

  8. One of the big cans of refried beans and add I can of Roast beef . Add cheese and sour cream it is so good and easy you also can do leftovers and make a nacho night

  9. Can you not maybe get a dorm size refrigerator? You can usually find them reasonably priced at garage sales. It would certainly help some

  10. Purchase a Coleman plug in cooler. It will keep your milk and other items cold without having to worry.

  11. Taco casserole. Brown ground beef with onion and green pepper add taco seasoning. Add to meat black beans rinsed corn drained diced tomatoes cilantro salsa add cooked spaghetti noodles and 1 can fiesta nacho cheese soup. Mix well and place in a greased casserole dish. Bake until hot. Top with cheese. So yummy!

  12. Debra Bain Aker

    Flat tortilla, smear black beans or refried beans add shredded cheese. Put another tortilla on top. I use a table spoon of olive oil in a skillet and brown non both sides. Cut into 4 pieces and enjoy.

  13. Lynie Lou Jamsey

    I know someone who rented just a room for years, with a bath down the hall. He had a toaster oven and camping griddle and if I recall stuck to canned goods to have on hand. He did live downtown, so was able to step out quick to purchase fresh if he wanted. Not sure your location, though.

  14. Sharon Ostertag

    Get a electric frying pan,and then you are not so limited! Can do tacos,Salas,burritos,many things,grilled cheese,Mac and cheese,goulash,

  15. Rebecca Loyet Mason

    Why don’t you have a fridge? Are you staying somewhere that has hookups? Maybe go buy a mini fridge might help keep food longer.

  16. On griddle you can do grilled cheese, pankcakes, bacon, sausage, grilled chicken, fajitas, and on Pinterest there are so many quick easy crock pot meals.

  17. Curry coconut rice with chicken. Cut chicken into chunks brown add 1 can Coconut milk use can to measure 1 can of water 1 can of rice 2 tsp curry powder 2 tlbs butter and a can of corn. Bring to a boil stir cover and simmer 20 min.

  18. A lot of canned goods, tuna, chicken, beans, taco kits, rice,! I camp 6 months but not full time!! Hamburgers, hot dogs the usual!

  19. U said you’re in an RV, with no fridge.. but you have electricity… can you buy an inexpensive/used small dorm size refrigerator so you would have at least a small fridge ? Just a thought 🤷‍♀️
    Good luck, and happy camping!🙂

  20. The Hormel shelf self serving microwave meals are awesome…They have them near the soups in Walmart and Dollar General.

  21. Gretchen Lee Bourquin

    Chicken chili. Canned chicken, jar of salsa Verde or green enchilada sauce, canned white beans, corn optional. Heat in crockpot or on stove. Serve with tortilla chips. Shredded cheese and sour cream are also good if you can do so safely.

  22. Canned spaghetti, ravioli, Vienna sausage, tuna in packs and sweet pickles and you get mayonnaise packs that don’t have to be refrigerated also mustard and ketchup packets. Get you a yeti cooler. Ice will stay froze for a very long time

  23. taco salad..eat cold or room temp..I buy the deep tins from dollar store with lid…
    layer of browned hamburger and taco mix..then salsa…then I do cheese..then sour cream..then chopped green onion then shredded or finely chopped lettuce then I sprinkle more cheese then halved cherry tomatoes..yum yum…I scoop mine with doritoes..oh and sliced olives to top it off…! enjoy !

  24. How can you not have a fridge? Especially with a toddler? What you spend in ice would buy a fridge?

  25. Box shelf stable milk fits better in the ice chest and you can keep a few on hand since their smaller and canned milk
    Tuna, chicken and some stores have canned pork

  26. Oh this is totally my wheelhouse! Fulltime RVer with no fridge.

    Get block ice, it’s better. Cover cooler with a moving blanket for insulation. Cook your meat ahead of time whenever possible to prevent spoilage. And Asian markets often have a lot of dehydrated veggies and noodles. Get friendly with canned goods too. Pasta dishes and casseroles are great.

  27. Sherry Oneslager

    Kielbasa, bell peppers, onions and spaghetti sauce.
    Chips and salsa.
    Bread toasted, add cheese and microwave 15 seconds for grilled cheese. Add tomato soup.
    Fruit and jello.

  28. Barbara Thompson

    You can use hungry jacks pancake mix just add water and cook on griddle my grandkids love them for breakfast.

  29. Horizon milk is shelf stable, fruits and veggies don’t need refrigerated. Peanut butter, canned beans are a great protein! Sucks not to be able to store leftovers though.

  30. Sloppy jos. 1lb hamburger browned with chopped onion and green pepper drain grease add 1/2 can tomato soup 3tlbs ketchup 2tlbs vinegar 1tlbs sugar. Simmer until desired thickness.

  31. Kasi Macho Amaral

    I’d go for a daily trip to the store, find markdowns and let that decide dinner lol never a dull moment

  32. Teriyaki chicken. Cut chicken into chunks brown it add teriyaki sauce thinly sliced carrot onion green pepper and pineapple chunks. Simmer covered until veggies are tender. Serve on rice or ramen noodles with broccoli.

  33. There are some meals you can get called completes. Wal mart has them and the dollar store. They are shelf stable, just heat and eat. They have, turkey and stuffing, roast beef and meatloaf.

  34. Sharon Garner Scott

    I you can afford buy a small mini frig. at Walmart. My littles love milk I don’t think I could go long term with out one.
    A package of yellow rice and a can of chicken sometime I add about a can of peas to it.

  35. I make cheesy broccoli rice with broccoli and rotisserie chicken with a can of cream of chicken and bacon bits….its so good and my kids all love it. Super easy you can make it all in one pot! Cook the rice first than while thats cooking get a bagged broccoli and microwave that until its ready than pour in cream of chicken and add chicken and cheese❤️ super easy takes about 20 minutes in all

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