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Ok I have 6 humongous tubs of vanilla Greek yogurt. I need ideas on what to do w…

Ok I have 6 humongous tubs of vanilla Greek yogurt. I need ideas on what to do with it. I’m not big on the taste and texture of Greek yogurt so I have a hard time eating it plain.

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  1. – Freeze it in ice cube trays then pop them in a ziplock for smoothies
    – Spread on baking sheet with parchment paper add toppings like honey, fruits, cookie crumbs, nuts, literally anything, freeze it and then snap into pieces for yogurt bark
    – make parfaits
    – lot of muffins turn so well with Greek yogurt (Pinterest)
    – blend with fruits and make some popsicles
    – could do like a yogurt dip with honey, pb ect. And dip fruit or graham crackers

  2. June Sanderson Young

    Dip berries in it a freeze on a cookie sheet then put in freezer bags. Sweet treats!

  3. Mix it with ranch dip packets. Yummy dip for chips, crackers, veggies! I prefer the Fiesta Ranch.

  4. Heather Adams Inmon

    I mix it in a bowl with Cinnamon or Vanilla almond Special K Cereal and add pecans and chocolate chips. It’s yummy.

  5. McKendri Vecera

    Healthy chicken salad- one can of chicken, 1.5 cups of yogurt, sliced red grapes, chopped walnuts or sliced almonds. Let chill in the fridge then add on top of some avocado toast with everything bagel seasoning

  6. Lorayna Dawn Kathryn Sanders

    Makes good ice cream. Mix it with some chocolate or frozen fruit, a little honey, a little vanilla extract, blend and and freeze it if you want some other flavor than vanilla. Otherwise just add the vanilla and honey.

  7. Even if it is vanilla, you can spice it up and use it as a marinade. I love it with chicken.

  8. Cindy Thomas Magers

    You can make dips of all kinds with it. I have made ranch, dill, French onion. They all are good.

  9. Put it on granola for breakfast…breaks down some of the sweetness; Also good on baked potatoes; substitute for sour cream or use in salad dressings.

  10. I saw several recipes where you add a little honey , spread on a baking sheet and add berries or chocolate and then freeze like a bark. I am planning on trying that soon.

  11. Elizabeth Loveless

    I use it in the place of sour cream. There’s no difference to those who have no idea. The ‘sour ‘ Tang is all that’s missing.
    Freeze some & use in smoothies (can also add fruit to the cubes for flavor)

  12. Kimberly JoAnn Martinez

    I don’t like the texture or taste either but I’ve used it with smoothies. Sliced fruits and granola maybe you can add some honey to it as well to cut the tangy taste(my granola is vanilla honey so I just add a bunch of that lol) also I’ve seen where some people add it to a pan and put fruits, nuts, chocolate chips and freeze it to make yogurt bars for breakfast. I haven’t tried that yet but definitely want to try

  13. I don’t remember the recipe, ill see if I can find one similar, but I used to mix peanut butter & a little bit of cinnamon in with vanilla or plain yogurt and make a dip. You can use it for graham crackers, fruit, etc.

  14. Samantha Gilchrist Iannarelli

    Great to use for dips. 1/2 cup yogurt and 1/2 cup sour cream. Add herbs of choice….. voila!

  15. Lisa Charles Hess

    There is different recipes you can make dip with plain yogurt. For fruit, vegetables, and graham crackers.

  16. Heather Djalivandi

    Overnight oats? 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt and 1/2 almond milk. Mix and let sit in fridge over night. You can add other stuff like fresh fruit or even peanut butter. Chai seed works in this too.

  17. Katherine Thorpe

    Mix with self rising flour to make a bagel dough as hape into bagels bake 350 15-20 mins with egg wash n your fav seasonings. Not the same as a real bagel butclose in a pinch

  18. I put honey in it, mix in raspberries, and add grape nuts or whatever crunch that you like such as granola.

  19. Breanna Snyder

    Smoothies! You can even probably freeze the smoothies in little popsicles or ice cubes for later!

  20. Smoothies! I use vanilla Greek yogurt and almond milk as my base and then add in whatever fruit you want. I tend to do 🍓 and 🍌

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