29 thoughts on “OK guys! Best meal ideas for 1?”

  1. Rotisserie chicken. Top a salad…bbq chicken pizza…quesadillas…wraps…soup…sandwiches…ramen…fried rice…

  2. I like buying the knorr side dishes and a few chicken breasts and a cheap veggie. It makes two meals!

  3. Linda Pounds Bennett

    Make meals and food saver them so you can freeze them or even put them in containers. I did that with homemade soup chicken etc.

  4. Donna Gladfelter

    Pasta, hamburger, hot dogs, wrap with anything you like in it.. Mac and cheese and left overs just mean no cooking another day.

  5. Joleen Nichols

    Cooking meals for 4 and dividing it up so you have 3 future meals you only have to heat up 😁

  6. Christy Wyrtzen

    1 person or $1? I only feed myself. Tonight I made a salad. This past week I grilled zucchini and mushrooms seved it with garlic noodles. This those leftovers I added cannellini beans ( drained), canned vegetables (drained) and enchilada sauce. Had that 2 nights. Week before I had variations of rice and beans. I have options. Look up Joanies cooking for one, she’s really good.

  7. My advice is to meal prep for the freezer…. That way you are getting good meals, but not feeling like you’re cooking for nothing. 🤓 one day of work and easy accessible microwave dinners without all the sodium 😊

  8. Sandwich/salad
    Grilled cheese/tomato soup
    Chili dog
    Grilled chicken breast or pork chop or steak. Buy family size package of meats and wrap and freeze individually. Easy, convenient and saves money.
    Breakfast for dinner
    Planned leftovers (for example: I make pasta with meat sauce and freeze portions)

  9. Clare Danielle

    Honestly, HelloFresh has been a game changer for me. Personally, I don’t want to cook a family sized meal and eat it for the next four days, and I don’t have the freezer space to cook meals that big and save them.

    I’ve done 2 discounted 6week trials of HelloFresh and am in the process of switching over to EveryPlate. I have saved money in my over-all food budget since starting this 🙂

  10. Melissa Standley

    Steak with sauteed mushrooms and onion. Can be done in one pan by doing the mushroom and onion after you take the steak out to rest. Can add a potato or rice if you want.

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