Not technically my window but my courtyard which opens up into our yard….

Not technically my window but my courtyard which opens up into our backyard.
My minimal slice of peace and tranquility. Every single evening when I put my tiny boy to bed I go for a wander close to the yard. We have lived below a yr on Saturday and drop in appreciate with it extra just about every working day. We have foxes, muntjac deer badgers and hedgehogs who go to most evening and irrespective of my newly planted veg and strawberry patch they have been quite fantastic and not touched them nonetheless.
Deeping st james, Lincolnshire United kingdom

thank for the original creator Lauren Marney

33 thoughts on “Not technically my window but my courtyard which opens up into our yard….”

  1. Vicky Levesque

    It looks like a beautiful place to live! Enjoy this special place. “Hello” from Orlando, Florida. Summer is here. 👋🏖

  2. I love your place. It’s beautiful and tranquil. Texting you from Decatur, Tn in the USA.

  3. Paulette Finneseth

    Simply lovely…Great yard for that little boy to run around. Greeting from California USA

  4. Sara Muñoz Aguilar

    Greetings from Veracruz Mexico. I love Lincolnshire!! Many years ago I stayed with a beautiful family as a student

  5. This is a lovely space. Love the delicate pink on the flowers. Hello from Tennessee USA

  6. Your view is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us! Hello from Michigan, USA <3 🇺🇸

  7. Kathy Campbell

    So lovely and peaceful! 🙂 Thank you got sharing! Warm wishes from Folsom, California – USA

  8. So lovely to have people post from
    Different countries. I love your view.❤️ Greetings from LasCruces, New Mexico,USA 😊🌺🌵

  9. Sally Summerill

    Just gorgeous. I can imagine sitting out there on a warm Summer evening sipping a nice red wine 🍷. Love your garden. Hi there from Queensland, Australia 🇦🇺

  10. Pamela Snyder Dahl

    This is lovely. Nature can rejuvenate one after a day of parenting. Hi from Colorado USA.

  11. Terrie McGowan

    Beautiful evening garden view! Hello from the mountains of Franklin North Carolina USA.

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