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Not really sure what to call this The bottom is

Not really sure what to call this. The bottom is layered with rotisserie chicken…

Not really sure what to call this. The bottom is layered with rotisserie chicken, topped with a can of cream of mushroom and cream of chicken mixed with 1/2 cup milk. Next i put a layer of swiss cheese slices, followed by a can of green beans and then a box of chicken stuffing. For stuffing, mix it with 1 2/3 cup hot water just to moisten it. Spread that on top and bake at 350 for 25min. Served with mashed potatoes.

thank for the original creator Jenna Galle

47 thoughts on “Not really sure what to call this. The bottom is layered with rotisserie chicken…”

  1. Leslie O'Shields

    I think I would have mixed the green bean and cream of mushroom soup together 🤷‍♀️

  2. Princess Jen McKelvey

    My ex mother in law used to make this but she added cream cheese and called it chicken surprise

  3. Jennifer Hayden Repking

    I have a recipe that is similar but you use salti es. It’s called “Chicken junk”.

  4. Yum! Think I’ll try this but with ritz crackers & butter on top (I’m not of fan of stuffing)

  5. Jennifer Schmidt Walls

    My sister in law does something similar but she uses mozzarella instead of Swiss cheese and puts a layer of bacon on top..

  6. Jayce Dylan Halliwell-Palmer

    we always called it holiday casserole because we made it with leftovers after turkey dinner etc. I love it so much! I haven’t used green beans but I will next time!!!!!!

  7. Candice Wazelle

    My grandma called it Chicken Laura. Idk why. Her name was Joyce and I don’t think we have a Laura. Anyways…. chicken, cream of chicken, broccoli, cheese of choice (she liked American, I like havarti and Muenster), stuffing and bake.

  8. I add a layer of mashed potatoes, use mixed frozen veggies, any kind of cheese, and we call it Thanksgiving. Lol Looks delish! I love Swiss and haven’t used that in it before. 😋

  9. Samantha Samantha

    I put the stuffing on the bottom to make more of a stable “crust”. Then rotisserie chicken or left over Turkey and green bean casserole on top of that with French’s fried onions on top 😋

  10. Looks good! I’d have to put some French fried onions on top. I may try making this tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  11. Yummy, looks delicious 😋 😍 shredded cheese on top would be yummy too i bet. Easy dish to make…

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