Newark, Delaware United states of america….

Newark, Delaware United states.
My tiny apartment patio …just plenty of for savoring the tall pines and plentiful birds as nicely as the occasional fox or deer…(including triplet fawns!). Oh! And a number of methods away..a pretty creek also!
I appreciate getting shut to my welcoming and numerous neighbors as well as this lovely nature right exterior.

thank for the unique creator Diana Theiss

40 thoughts on “Newark, Delaware United states of america….”

  1. Grew up in Harmony Hills, Newark is wonderful place to live. Waving hi from Kennesaw GA.

  2. Denise Owens Jackson

    Lovely surroundings! I’m in a 1 st floor condo now & love the greenery around us. Hello from Lewes, Delaware! 🇺🇸

  3. Lois Cunningham

    Good morning ❤ Newark, Delaware from Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 and may God bless you always

  4. Hey neighbor,. From Wilmington Delaware next to Delaware Park,. Your patio is very welcoming Blessings To You !!

  5. Oh, how I love Newark! Many family members lived there when I was a child. Now my husband and I visit from Maryland a few times a year to do genealogy. Was there in April to visit the little museum in the old train station.

  6. What a perfect amount of space and beautiful nature! ❤️ from San Ramon, California USA

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