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20 Jalapenos straight from the garden Looking for recipes besides

Need quick meal for 6 peoples without heating up the house

Need quick meal for 6 peoples without heating up the house

thank for the original creator Lori Toering Nygaard

26 thoughts on “Need quick meal for 6 peoples without heating up the house”

  1. Chrissy Watkins

    Family dollar microwave section hassame stuff to microwave, that fast and can make full meal

  2. Wade N Brooke Bow

    I know it’s 110 degrees here today. It was 106 yesterday. When I cooked dinner it was AWFUL.

  3. I use my instant pot a lot in the summer. We made homemade cheeseburger Mac and cheese and a stir fried Ramen.

  4. AbbyKay Caudill

    Crock pot Taco night.

    2 pounds Hamburger meat in the crockpot
    1/2 cup of salsa
    2 pack taco seasoning
    1 pack ranch seasoning
    1/4 cup of water

    Soft tortillas, cheese, lettuce, any toppings you want.

    Easy and yummy

  5. Toco salad ground beef, lettice, black olives dorittos itilian dressing and chedder cheese

  6. Potato salad, Japanese salad & cold cuts & buns. No heat required I cook my potatoes & eggs in evening when cooler or early morning for the potato salad.

  7. Kristie Uzarski

    Salad with popcorn chicken microwaved on it. Then mix half BBQ sauce and half ranch dressing.

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