42 thoughts on “Need ideas to add into mac and cheese”

  1. Sheryl Jackson

    If baking it put little pieces of cream cheese in section of the pan so when you put it in the oven it’s going to melt and be so good

  2. Brandi C. Chaffin

    Ground beef/sausage and rotel! Tastes even better next day! I add it more velveeta to taste.

  3. Kristy Koeneman

    I like to add extra butter & milk as well as cheese, when I have it. I’m not very adventurous with Mac n cheese. I also love adding cut up weiner

  4. Randi Burkett Jeannette

    Artichoke hearts, pimentos, even better roasted red peppers, squash. All tried and true, even kid tested.

  5. Can of chili or leftover sloppy joe stir to mix together I do this and serve it with cornbread

  6. Jennifer Martin

    Taco meat. Canned tuna. Canned chicken. Bacon bits. Ground beef seasoned how you want.

  7. Acacia Marie Reagan

    We add sausage, pizza sauce, Canadian bacon and mini Pepperonis. Call it pizza Mac

  8. Tanya Gatecliffe

    Broccoli and asparagus are so yummy in mac and cheese and chicken, beef or bacon are good meats.

  9. Bacon, ham steak, Italian sausage or pepperoni, i also like to add garlic salt or powder and onion powder. Breadcrumbs are good too.

  10. Chopped seared ham,seared smoked sausage,fries crumbled bacon, broccoli,hamburger meat,chili,pulled pork,buffalo ckn,tuna,hotdogs,rotel,spam,jalenpenos,lobster

  11. Melissa Powell

    My nephew likes to add mayo, bbq sauce (or ketchup), sliced hot dogs & pre-shredded mac & cheese cheese (like the bags of cheddar or mozzarella). I know, sounds strange, but he’s 15, so his tastes are a bit weird, but he likes it that way.

  12. Smoke Kabasa! We cook it up in a pan then add it to the Mac. We all LOVE it Aldi has them for less than $3. 

  13. Easy Goulash

    1 lb. Ground beef
    1 boxes of Kraft “Macaroni and Cheese”
    1 can of chopped or diced tomatoes
    1/2 onion, diced
    1/2 tsp. of oregano

    Cook the macaroni according to the package directions.

    While the macaroni is cooking, brown the ground beef and add the chopped onion Cook until onion is tender.

    Drain well to be rid of the grease. Add beef and onion back to the skillet turn on low and add oregano and chopped tomatoes. ( add a touch of sugar)

    When macaroni is done, drain and then add to the beef, onion, tomatoes and oregano mixture. Simmer just 1 – 2 minutes, and then add the package of cheese from the box of macaroni and cheese. Stir well. If more moisture is needed, add tomato juice

    Watch carefully as this can burn if not simmered on a very low heat.
    Our family absolutely loves this stuff and the leftover are great the next day

  14. Nicole Allsworth

    I like putting bacon and jalapeños in my Mac and cheese 🤤 I’ve also had tuna and a bit of Dijon mustard in Mac and cheese tastes amazing

  15. I used too slice beef sausage and put it in macc and cheese for the kids. They loved it.

  16. Western mac:
    Kraft Mac n cheese
    G pepper
    1lb hamburger
    1 small can tomato paste
    Shredded cheese
    1 can corn or small frozen bag

    Cook macaroni n cheese like directions-set to side
    Cook hamburger, onion, celery, pepper together, drain, add corn, let simmer for corn to cook then add in the rest. You can bake in oven with cheese on top or add in to pan once it’s done.

  17. Carlee Coolidge

    All the 🧀 cheese! Hamburger, Tuna & Peas, Black Olives, cubed Ham, Egg, 🥓 Bacon, Pulled pork, Little Smokies, sliced kielbasa, Hotdogs, Chili, Tomatoes & Italian seasoning, Garlic & Parmesan, Rotel & Taco meat, 🦀 Crab, Lobster 🦞, bbq chicken, broccoli… The possibilities are endless!

  18. Rebecca Finnen

    I put chopped beef bacon and a butter breadcrumb crust and season to taste .. it was pretty good

  19. Roni Schwindenhammer Oleson

    Mac-n-cheese, browned hamburger, cream of mushroom soup. Stir all together and enjoy!

  20. Carrie N Ken Robertson

    I sometimes add chicken, Moore’s buffalo sauce, & cream cheese! I cook all of that in the crock pot for 4-6 hours (along with either the cheese pack that comes with the box mac & cheese or a block of velveeta & add noodles after they cook!

  21. I take hamburger meat a box of Velveeta Shells and cheese and add a little bit of green onion and some seasoning and mixed together it’s homemade Hamburger Helper it’s amazing

  22. My life has prepared me for this moment.

    Cooked macaroni
    Chopped bacon
    Green onions
    Cream soup
    Sour cream

    Use ratios comfortable to you. Mix together and put in baking dish and top with crumbs or crackers or pringles are quite good.

  23. Sarah Brushe Duckett

    Pound of ground hamburger seasoned, small can of tomato sauce, shredded cheese. We call it goulash

  24. I do half a pack of cubed ham (the tiny cubes) and a bag of frozen broccoli- heat up in r same pot while your pasta is in strainer

  25. If we’re talking regular Kraft Mac & Cheese, I add more shredded cheese & a dab of cream cheese. I also chop up kielbasa & airfry them and toss them in.

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