Need ideas for a cost effective crowd pleasing dinner for 60

Need ideas for a cost effective crowd-pleasing dinner for 60 adults. Not hot dog…

Need ideas for a cost effective crowd-pleasing dinner for 60 adults. Not hot dogs, spaghetti, pizza, sandwiches, or tacos. It’s going to be HOT, so trying to take that into consideration..

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  1. Bbq burgers with assorted cheeses and lot of different toppings, pasta salad and lots of cold beverages and water.

  2. I would do a bunch of subs or chicken salad sams. Chips, fruit and veggie plate. Maybe a cold pasta salad!

  3. Annie Martin Smith

    Bbq…pulled pork can be cheap, or pork loin. It’s been on sale here lately for under $2/lb.

  4. Donna Potts Dennis

    Crock pot or roaster pan size pans and/or grill out. Baked beans, Mac and cheese, salads too if you’d like. Fruit, sweet, savory, potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, banana pudding or a jello or a few (Virgin or alcoholic variety) Get a kiddie pool like the hard plastic or two and add ice and use to keep cold stuff cold. You can use a couple buckets and poke a few holes in top one and it will last a while. Sweet tea, Kool aid, water, kids drinks, ect

  5. Rhonda Clifford

    Trio salad. Chicken salad, macaroni salad, pea salad. Watermelon, grapes, veggies and ranch. Some sort of jello salad or ambrosia.

  6. Start by check your local sale ads by using flipp to decide which meat you can buy the most of for cheap. If pork loin is on sale, I really love a garlic honey mustard herbed pork loin, marinate overnight then bake and slice like pork chops. If you have hamburger on sale make meatloaf, chicken is difficult to make alot of unless your going to be grilling but if you are you could always make a char sui marinade and make grilled asain pork. When cooking for so many I find that I dont care to spend alot of time/money on the sides Make mashed potatoes, peas/corn, deviled eggs, baked beans, and you could make a salad bar with some obvious toppings(if you were concerned about people not getting enough food).

  7. Fried rice and a giant poopoo plater of egg rolls and crab rangoons and a thin beef&chicken teriyaki on stick also a veggie kabob for veggie lovers

  8. Chicken drumsticks are always good go to. You canmake different kinds for a variety (bbq, jerk, lemon pepper) refreshing linquini or most call it a pasta salad, corn and black bean salsa.

    My favorite to do for LARGE crowds are cilantro lime chicken tacos (I know you said no tacos).

  9. Allyson Bernauer

    Bbq pulled pork (slow cooker) with coleslaw and baked beans and any other salads you’d like.

  10. Grilled chicken breasts (cajun if you like a little heat or I like marinated in zesty Italian dressing), tossed garden salad and kings Hawaiian rolls 😋

  11. What about a bunch of little snacky foods? Like meatballs in chili sauce and grape jelly, bbq smoky links, buffalo chicken dip and chips,spinach artichoke dip, etc.

  12. Pulled pork, baked Mac and cheese, baked beans, and salad. Buns on the side for pulled pork sandwiches! Super yummy and affordable.

  13. Lori Farrin Cloutier

    You hit on all the less expensive things for a crowd lol. I’d say a lot of different munchies (i.e. cheese, meats, crackers, pickles), large fruit salad, maybe even an infused water selection to hydrate.

  14. That’s a LOT of people! Maybe a pig picking where you roast the hog & everyone brings sides & desserts?
    Fish Fry?? Again, you provide the fish & others bring sides?

  15. Kristen Ferrara

    Baked potato 🥔 bar
    Mac and cheese bar (crockpot mac and cheese)
    Fried chicken from Walmart or grocery store.
    Rolls and a salad bar

  16. pulled pork with texas toast, slaw (vinegar based), and baked beans. salad and sliced watermelon too

  17. Sliced apples, cheddar cheese. Grapes. Watermelon. Crackers and more cheese varieties. Pickles, olives. Cut deli meats with rolls. Any cut up fruit. If it’s hot I might eat fruit.

  18. Michael N Beverly Smith

    I’d say a killer salad bar that included sliced boiled eggs, deli meat, cheese, real bacon pieces, sunflower seeds and all the normal toppings. Also have chicken salad, pimento cheese with some rolls, pasta salad, and fruit salad.

  19. Deli type sandwhiches with fancy bread and cheese choices, fruit kabobs, with a couple.different macaroni salad and potato salad choices.. could also do like grilled chicken salads or grilled steak salads..

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