my patio Virginia Beach Virginia United states…

my patio Virginia Seaside Virginia United states

thank for the first creator Marcia Woodford

46 thoughts on “my patio Virginia Beach Virginia United states…”

  1. Kathy Isaacs Bandujo

    My hometown! Kellam High School alum. Love the landscaping on your colorful patio. Greetings from Texas.

  2. Hello neighbor!!! I am in your neck of the woods at least once a week shopping 😊. Such a beautiful area. We almost bought a home on the shore there. Instead we bought in coastal NC not far from the line.

    Hello from Edenton, North Carolina

  3. Sue Breckenridge

    Lovely colourful garden on your patio. Hello from beside the Tweed River in far northern New South Wales on the east coast of Australia

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