My minimal slice of heaven. I produced the bees delighted this 12 months! I did not weed as muc…

My tiny slice of heaven. I designed the bees joyful this 12 months! I didn’t weed as substantially as common and I obtained wildflowers! Living the aspiration in Allentown, Pennsylvania USA💕

thank for the first creator Sue Gowdy

48 thoughts on “My minimal slice of heaven. I produced the bees delighted this 12 months! I did not weed as muc…”

  1. Trish Stauffer

    My husband and his daughter are visiting his family in Allentown right now!! He was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Allentown ❣️
    👏👏 Spokane, Washington 👏👏

  2. Margaret La Susa Pereira

    So pretty!!!! I love your colorful bistro set and your sweet little buddy!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. It looks so inviting…..It would make me feel happy. I can smell the fresh air just looking at it 😊. Hello from Toronto, Ontario Canada.

  4. Michael Donkis

    Love the garden and your little old man (or lady) standing nearby. From your neighbor to the west in Los Angeles.

  5. Clara Lee Toomer

    Awesome, the bee’s deserve to be happy😁 cute furkid 🐾🐶. Hello from Yucca Arizona 🏜

  6. Wendy Furst Young

    No way!!!! I’m from A-town!!!! So crazy to see this post! Moved to MD many years ago but Parkland high alumni!!! Beautiful pic 🤩

  7. Diane Ankrom Tristano

    Your slice of heaven is beautiful! Greetings from New Philadelphia, Ohio 🙋‍♀️

  8. Kathi St Clair

    Hello from Massachusetts Sue! Thank you for sharing your lovely view. Wishing you and your family all the best!

  9. Marylee Boarman

    I love your wildflowers! My grandparents made their home in Allentown and my mother grew up there. Greetings from Charleston, South Carolina

  10. Chris Hoffman Salter

    This is where I was born. I love your pavers with the grass in between. We can’t do that here in Atlanta because the Bermuda grass grows on a vine. Beautiful yard!

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