My minimal farm in Pahoa Hawaii, US. See from…

My minimal farm in Pahoa Hawaii, US. Perspective from
My front lanai seeking out to my gorgeous gardens. I often dreamed of acquiring a residence like this. My spouse and daughter have relished our time in this article as properly. My husband and I place so significantly work into this area to get it just fantastic. From transforming the property to our immaculate gardens with pineapples and enthusiasm fruit and mangos. My daughter is 14 and we only have 4 shorter many years remaining with her. So we bought this attractive place and we are are headed off to just take a gap yr in lifetime and travel Central The united states and make some good recollections to previous a life span. As I sit below on the lanai and appear at our beautiful household, I cannot imagine we are essentially leaving and the sale closes in 3 times. It’s surreal. I imagined I’d mature old and die in this minor plantation cottage by the sea. It’s funny how lifetime moves you in diverse instructions. Unique chapters in existence. Distinctive seasons. I’m guaranteed the watch from my window will be switching normally now, but my home will constantly be ideal listed here in this minimal slice of jungle paradise in Hawaii.

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41 thoughts on “My minimal farm in Pahoa Hawaii, US. See from…”

  1. I am sure you will have many grand adventures ahead, but my heart breaks a little at the loss of the oasis. Blessings from the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix Arizona. 🌵🏜

  2. Elaine Whitley

    You will have more homes and more paradises and happy times. Enjoy your journey through ever-changing life. Best wishes from Painswick, UK.

  3. Christina Popan

    Why sell ?!?!?!? Why not rent out?!?!?!? Or just leave it waiting for you. So many do…
    Greetings from Belgium

  4. Susie Malia Takara

    Aloha from NE Florida! I’m a Honolulu native. Born and raised. Love your view and I’m sure you will feel this same feeling in your adventures in South America! Hawaii no ka oi! I’m sure you will some day make it back home to our islands.

  5. Linda White Wesseler

    You are fortunate that your daughter is all onboard, at age 14, to leave her teen friends behind and travel with her parents. Ours was no fun to travel with once she hit her teen years, as she wanted only to hang out with her peers.

  6. Sherri Cunningham

    You will have so many new experiences to cherish…new views…but HI will always feel like home. My daughter just turned 17, and is very restless. It just isn’t feeling like her home anymore, as she dreams of all things different and new. It will be a most difficult year as we can’t find the way to leave, and unsure where she will call her next home while she considers colleges.

  7. Kristin Brodeur

    So pretty !! Good luck in your next life chapter!! Hello from Boston Massachusetts !!

  8. It’s to bad you couldn’t have rented it out😢. Safe travels and many memories!
    From San Diego

  9. Barbara Ann Emerson-Sharp

    Leaving such beauty tugs at the heart strings, doesn’t it? Greetings from Loudoun Co., VA. Good luck in your future homes.

  10. Sharon Rodriguez

    I grew up in Pahoa on Maku’u drive. Enjoy soaking up time with your girl and the adventures ahead!

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