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Besides all the great things my new job will bring

My husband has a crew of 5 that works outside in 100 degree weather. Every Frida…

My husband has a crew of 5 that works outside in 100 degree weather. Every Friday I make them lunch. I’d love some ideas for the upcoming weeks.

thank for the original creator Raylina Thrasher

39 thoughts on “My husband has a crew of 5 that works outside in 100 degree weather. Every Frida…”

  1. Make special Friday meal if you have the means surprise with some type of steak for pork chop n macaroni salad or potatoe salad

  2. Take a big cold watermelon sliced up for dessert. We used to take a big cooler with a spout on it and fill it with ice and water every day. As the ice melted it was a wonderful cold drink.

  3. Daphyna Epperson

    Super easy. And you can make as much as needed. Crock pot cook 2-3 chicken breast, drained 2 cans black beans, drained 2 cans corn & a single can of rotel type tomatoes. Add one package of taco seasoning. Optional jalapeños. Cook for 4-6 hrs on low, you can even cook it a da or two before, you’ll just need to rewarm it up a bit. When it’s done make burritos out of it just add shredded cheese and sour cream if wanted. Easy peasy. And it’s really good

  4. Something cold to drink. Maybe a bacon tomatoe sandwich, or a large cold salad with everything they like in it.

  5. Jill Albritton Johnson

    I taco soft tortilla shells and put different meats and cheese in it and roll it up and cut up, pasta salad, fruit salad, bbq pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, baked beans, grape salad

  6. Kathryn Pederson

    Freeze water bottles or containers use to keep food cold. That way they will have cold water. Used smoked sausages, the smoking will help preserve in heat for making sandwiches or wraps. Muffins or united cup cakes so icing does not melt. Pizza slices, or pizza bagels, flat bread,etc. Can be eaten hot or cold. Freeze grapes. Oranges cut into wedges for that hit of vitamin C.

  7. I know this isn’t similar, but when I’d be in Veracruz and it’ll be 110 I’d just want water, paletas, and ice cold fruit…. fruit was full of natural carbs that are being lost and water to rehydrate

  8. Jacquelynn Kiefer

    Fruit salad for the extra water content, chicken salad wraps,
    Breakfast wraps
    English muffins with eggs and sausage and cheese

  9. The perfect picnic food: fried chicken, potato salad, deviled eggs, sweet tea, chocolate brownies.

  10. My husband was a roofer..He preferred tacos rolled up in tin foil..Corned beef with potatoes,chili verde..Scrambled eggs with cut up hot dogs..Whatever put in a tortilla..Hoagie sandwiches..I would cut up watermelon in pieces ( no seeds) Don’t have time to pull out paper plates
    Just make a big batch that will feed them all

  11. Yes! Some nice cold watermelon! Ice cold water and some lemonade or cokes. Cheese enchilada with chili con carne on tip and a side of rice! Neither are too difficult to make. I wish I could help you! It’s so nice of you. I would so appreciate it if I was them!


  12. Stephanie Ellison

    We have 12 employees & I made lunch today for them. I did pulled pork, chips, pickles, macaroni salad & baked beans. Always a hit!

  13. Janice Mitchell

    Cold Taco Salads, cold wraps, fruit cocktails and iced teas / lemonades will be his best friend! Good luck!!

  14. Karen Bradshaw Harris

    Cold pasta salad would be good (pasta, cucumbers, cheese squares, bell peppers, black olives, diced ham, or you could use turkey, and anything else you wanted. With Italian dressing), after they eat maybe some cold fruit cut up. Also cold chicken salad sandwiches would be good, they are light and have your protein.

  15. Barb Aday Baker

    I feed concrete workers and I put a big pack of Bars-S jumbo hotdogs in my crockpot with Sweet Bay Rays bbq sauce and chips. They all love them

  16. My husband used to really like chicken wraps like a mock snack wrap McDonald’s used to do (shredded chicken, cheese, condiments, and lettuce) and fruit that was already cut so he could eat it out of the bag with a fork 👌 simple and fairly cheap. Never wanted anything hot

  17. If he likes fruit, cut up some cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew. Those are all awesome for the hot weather. Nice and hydrating 🙂

  18. Victer Hamm Jr.

    As a man that is out in the heat all day, I like any cold meal’s nothing hot. Nothing that has any spice to it the other 2 guys I work with is the same way we like something light just to get something on our stomach’s.

  19. My husband works in the heat and I pack him mostly snacks in summer. He says he doesn’t have an appetite when he’s working when it’s hot. Maybe ask them? I doubt they’d want anything extravagant though.

  20. I would do a bunch of tuna salad, chicken salad and ham salad. Serve with buns crackers or wraps. Let them make their own. For sides chips and a mixed fruit tray

  21. Make those men some lobster rolls and beef tenderloin. With a side of steak fries and cold beer. They deserve it!

  22. My boyfriend and his crew love chicken salad sandwiches, pickles, and watermelon. Anything cold!! Too hot for anything hot or heavy.

  23. I work in construction and sometimes the simplest and smallest meals work the best. Eat to much guys can puke.

  24. Following! My husbands co workers have been seeing the food I send my hubby with and now they all want in😂 I’ve never cooked for more than like 4 people before!

  25. Sheryl Krummey-Duerr

    I think a good choice of fresh cold mocktails, and light snacks/homemade energy bars…when it’s that hot…it’s to hard too eat….electrolytes also help…

  26. Ask your husband to ask the guys to give you ideas. Pickles are good because of salt . You can pack each group:salad, carrots, pickles, frozen fruits/snacks in zip lock bags. I’m sure the colder the better and I know they appreciate it. Freeze a big gator aide or zero Gatorade for diabetes. Don’t for the salt, pepper, salad dressing!

  27. I would do cold meats and salads and a refreshing fruit salad. Nothing worse than a hot meal in the heat

  28. Deanne Atkinson Stevens

    My husband works construction. I said something to him about having something light because the heat. He said he needs something high in calorie to help sustain him. Also, he comes home and eats a couple pickles everyday to help with dehydration and cramps. He has been doing this for about 35 yrs.

  29. Ameera Yolanda Abbas

    Cucumber tomato onion salad with vinegar it’s great in hot weather 1 cup water 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1/4 cup sugar 1 tsp of salt and pepper 3 cucumbers and tomatoes 1 onion sliced into rings and separated whisk all the ingredients together and add the tomatoes cucumber and onions refrigerate at least 2 hours before enjoying

  30. Lori Wilcox Schwenk

    frozen orange slices are great in the heat (we did them for the band kids for band camp) do wraps filling but not heavy…

  31. May favorite is a scoop of chicken salad with a croissant,, Hawaiian sweet roll or some type of cracker. Sliced cucumbers, a pickle, grapes or cantaloupe.

  32. Fruit and some almonds and a string cheese and some pinwheel sandwiches(tortilla wraps with mayo ham and turkey with a little lettuce and roll it up and slice it into slices. One of my husbands and childrens favorites and not too over filling.

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