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My husband and I are taking several kids camping at the beach for 5 days. Need k…

My husband and I are taking several kids camping at the beach for 5 days. Need kid friendly Ideas for breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks to feed everyone. I don’t want to break the bank or cook for hrs a day. I will be taking my crockpot! I am gonna try to continue low carbing too.

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  1. Frances Galamay Villalobos

    Day 1
    Prep breakfast burritos at home. Wrap in foil. You can warm on the grill or even in your crock pot. A cooler will also keep them warm.
    Lunch: sandwiches
    Snack: cut up watermelon and put it in a ziplock bag.
    Dinner: BBQ chicken with baked potatoes, veggies

    Day 2:
    Breakfast: fruit and yogurt parfait
    Prep ground turkey in the crockpot for lunch.
    Lunch: walking tacos. Buy the big box of assorted chips at Costco with Doritos. Put the ground turkey in the bag of chips with cheese and my other condiments the kids want. It’s like nachos and fun for the kids. You can use low carb tortillas or even lettuce to make a wrap for low carb option.
    Snack: apples dipped into peanut butter
    Dinner: with the left over turkey meat make spaghetti gravy and keep cooking in the crock pot. At dinner time all you need to do is make pasta. You can put spaghetti squash on the grill for your low carb option

    Day 3
    Breakfast: breakfast scramble
    Or just cereal
    Lunch: sandwiches to use up more of the lunch meat
    Snack: celery with peanut butter or fresh fruit
    Dinner: grilled marinated meat( peeped at home and placed in air tight container or zip lock bag served with rice or a side salad

    Day 4
    Breakfast: breakfast sandwiches
    For low carb avocado toast with hard boiled egg. You can use Keto bread
    Lunch: chicken salad if the littles don’t like that they can have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
    Snack: fruit kabobs
    Dinner: burgers
    Protein style for low carb option

    Day 5:
    Breakfast: finish any yogurt and fruit. Or make bacon and eggs and potatoes make enough bacon for lunch
    Lunch: BLT or a nice salad with bacon and avocado for low carb option
    Snack finish the chicken salad by topping it on cucumber. You might have left over chips the kiddos can finish off.
    Dinner: if this is your last night then why not treat yourself and enjoy a good barbecue with all the fixings
    I say tri tip with potatoes baked beans and corn.

  2. Sara Skyberg Ward

    When I went camping I pre-made breakfast burritos and wrapped them in tinfoil. I just threw them on the coals to heat

  3. Pre made breakfast burritos! Can probably freeze and let them unthaw in a cooler then toast on the fire 🔥 😋

  4. Dujuna Galehouse-Vandecasteele

    Brats, hotdogs, lunchmeat, Grilled pizza, grilled ham cheese, Egg salad, Bologna spread, cottage cheese, potato salad & mac sald

  5. Rebecca Harter

    Beenie weenies.. my grandma always cooked them for our camping trips. Pork n beans and hotdogs easy & cheap.

  6. Trudy Richards

    Bacon and eggs
    Toad in the hole
    Spaghetti on toast
    Pancakes on the bbq

    Roast chicken and rolls
    Sausages on bread

    Most camping grounds have cooking kitchens like bbq etc

  7. Debbie Fortman White

    Breakfast burritos
    Campfire pizzas
    Foil wrapped meats and potatoes
    Beef and broccoli (crockpot)

  8. Pop tarts.. cereal.. boiled eggs..
    pb&j..reg sandwich (meat)
    Chicken in crockpot make lots and use the leftovers for other meals.
    Pulled pork.

  9. I took 6 kids for 3 days and only had 3 coolers. We did
    -string cheese
    For one cooler for snacks

    -lunch meat
    -hot dogs
    -chicken breast (double bagged)
    -chocolate for s’mores
    -crackers (on top of ice not below)
    In another cooler for lunches/late dinners

    In the last cooler we rotated out bottled water and flavor packets. Brought a 40ct case and it lasted 3 days for 8 people. (We were also drinking the cold water out the cooler spout on the snack cooler in refillable bottles)

    Only cost around $70

  10. I make tortilla pizzas, make a pot of goulash put in large bowl ahead of time, pancake batter in milk jug , take a air fryer with ya

  11. Cook 2 chicken breast in crockpot. When done shred the chicken and add a can of Rotel tomatoes. Cook a few minutes more in crockpot to heat the Rotel. Put mixture in taco shells or add to flour tortillas, add cheese and whatever else you like. Onion and avocado are our favorites

  12. Marissa Walter

    This will be your BFF…just double or recipe and make two or three sheets at one time in the oven….

    Go on Pinterest and search sheet pan dinners…. They are so versatile… So basically you pick your protein be a meat or a seafood and you use your favorite vegetables or seasonal vegetables or whatever vegetables the recipe calls for… they tell you what fresh or dried herbs and spices you need along with EVOO… you can marinate the night before or a few hours before or just do it right away… The beauty of everything if they cook in 30 to 40 minutes flat… The bonus is it’s easy cleanup because it’s one sheet pan!! What I also love about them is that for the summer all most all of if not most sheet pan recipes can be put right on an outdoor grill so you save heating up your oven and kitchen… most times if I want to bulk up a meal or shake it up and make it into something more fun I can serve with some fresh steamed white jasmine rice or some of our favorite pasta… and for fun we sometimes use a lot of them in wraps or pita bread or to make sub-sandwiches or fajitas..

  13. Amanda Jane Warren

    Ham and cheese croissants wrap in foil and cook over camp fire. Make sure you have a decent spun steel camp oven pot and take coals for 70/30 top/bottom cooking. Stews that can simmer take pre made pasta sauce and do spaghetti bol. Sausage sizzle for lunches.

  14. Kelley Anne Foreman

    We do what we call river dogs. Wrap a hotdog in bacon. We then sautéed onions and mushrooms (I left those off) and topped it with queso. It’s amazing!!

  15. Plan ahead:
    Grill chicken, burgers, hot dogs, brats at home and freeze
    Make taco meat, sloppy joes, spaghetti sauce and freeze. You can fry bacon, sausage at home also and freeze for breakfast. No need to spend all your time cooking on vacation
    Cold cuts for lunches
    Cereal, pancake, wafffles, omlets, scrambled eggs, fruit etc for breakfast

  16. French toast casserole, breakfast burrito, crockpot, hotdogs, crockpot sausage and potatoes, crack chicken in crockpot, , beans and link sausage, ho no foil meals on the grill.

  17. Amanda Messick Lauret

    How about a pork butt in the crockpot? Easy to do and it can be dinner one night and then sandwiches the next day!

  18. Lorie Lamson Saiben

    Taco chicken meat in crock pot…1 lb chicken, 1 envelope taco seasoning, 1 can chicken broth. Mix and shred once cooked.

  19. Deanna Selle Beard

    I make breakfasts burritos in advance eggs, meat and cheese,, variety, freeze then reheat in skillet, super easy,, clean up at camp a Breeze

  20. Ashley Hoskins

    Omelets in a bag, trail mix we have the kids put there’s together before we go, pulled pork in the crock-pot

  21. Hilary Calderon

    Mexican chicken salad
    You will need: shredded chicken
    Chopped carrots
    pickled jalapeño
    cooked potato (cut into small pieces)
    Tostada or saltine crackers

    In a bowl add all these ingredients and add mayo and a lil bit of mustard. Mix and refrigerate
    This is best served on top of a tostada

  22. What i do when we camp Crockpot a chicken and slice it up for sandwiches or a salad. What I do before we camp is prep some meals like a stew, chilli con carnes or a sausage casserole vacuum seal the contents and all you do is leave in the fridge and tipinto your slow cooker in the morning, job done dinner is ready and it saves you having to prep dinner every day while you’re away 🙂👍🏻 bacon butties for breakfast or cereal and toast.

  23. Cassie Oleary Orourke

    I always made a big pot of American Chop suey at home, for first night , that way ,with all the unpacking and setting up all you have to do is heat it up over fire or stove, make garlic bread ahead of time and heat up the same way

  24. Heather Shumway

    My family takes the huge loaves of bread, cuts them into pieces and makes sandwiches out of them, stores them back in the original bag.

  25. Walking tacos ( can even make the taco meat before ) – omelet muffins soemtjing that can be made ahead of time for breakfast –
    Sandwiches are great for lunch
    Pasta salad/ toss salad pre made to go with hot dogs burgers / kielbasa

  26. Hannah Schreiber

    Take however many you’d like… I usually do 3-4 boneless chicken breast in the bottom of my crockpot w block of cream cheese, ranch seasoning packet, and a little water. Cook on low for 6ish hours, once chicken is cooked enough you can shred it.
    Serve it over rice or potatoes

  27. Tammy Weisbach

    We always do breakfast burritos for the first couple of Days ( I prepared ahead of time bc I just want to enjoy my coffee and not have to cook) then we do omelettes in a bag, bagels, one morning is always junk ( like bag doughnuts, cinnamon rolls etc) we usually don’t eat lunch much but we always have sandwiches and chips if someone wants it. Dinner hobo bags, walking tacos, burgers and dogs, if you have electricity any crockpot meal can be cooking while y’all are having fun 😊

  28. Walking tacos, dinner foil packs (like shrimp, potatoes, corn) egg Omelette muffins, bring your pancakes mix already mixed up in a water bottle add a little water to it shack and start making pancakes cuts down on the clean up.

  29. Cold cereal, sandwiches, pasta salad, meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, sloppy Joe’s, hot dogs, hobo pies, burgers on the grill, potato salad, s’mores

  30. Janell Aller-Anderton

    2 lbs chicken breast, boneless/skinless
    • BBQ Sauce, 1 cup
    • brown sugar, 1/4 cup
    • pepper to taste
    • salt to taste
    • worces. sauce, 1 Tbsp
    • zesty italian dressing, 1/4 cup

    Mix all ingredients except chicken. Put chicken in crockpot and pour remaining items over the chicken.

    Cook on high 3-4 hours. Shred chicken, then put back in sauce for 15 minutes then serve on buns.

  31. Karyn Jacobsen

    We pre cook meals that can be the. Heat over a fire or camp stove. Sandwich supplies. For eggs in the morning I crack open all the egg into storage bags doubling then. I do this at home. If eggs get frozen from the ice it’s ok. Making potato salad at home. I do most of my prescription at home saves lots of time camping. Most of my food is heat up. Hotdog over a camp fire is fun for kids with you helping them.

  32. Erin LamieHarwood

    At the beach now and the little Hawaii roll sandwiches were A hit this year. Very simple and I don’t put mayo or anything on them I get the little packet of them, perfect!

  33. Melissa Dangelis Gelling

    My kids loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches, or the kids cliff protein bars for breakfast. Hard boiled eggs is easy to do as well…I use the egg slicer and let the kids put the slice of egg on crackers, maybe add some type of cheese. Add fruit, and you have a meal!

  34. This sausage gravy is supper good and easy it’s a large industrial can I find I can’t make it that cheap from scratch or have the time too. I normally make it and take it to work since no one in my house likes it

  35. Julie Pardonner Spratt

    I don’t know how old your children are but when ours were little we did a jungle breakfast. They had to hunt for their breakfast. We hid those little boxes of cereal and bananas, juice boxes etc. They loved doing that!

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