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20 Jalapenos straight from the garden Looking for recipes besides

My fiance got an air fryer at her bridal shower, and we are looking for some che…

My fiance got an air fryer at her bridal shower, and we are looking for some cheap recipes for it, tia

thank for the original creator Justin Robinson

50 thoughts on “My fiance got an air fryer at her bridal shower, and we are looking for some che…”

  1. Lauren Hawkins

    We do chicken, fish, steak, burgers, fries, potatoes for burritos, frozen egg rolls, frozen shrimp, chicken nuggets, personal pizzas, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed tomatoes, broccoli and cheese bites, French toast bites, etc. All go in the air fryer 🔥

  2. Maite Trinidad Chairez

    Fries, chicken drumsticks, thin pork chops, squash, anything frozen….. not recipes just some ideas

  3. Sherri Aderhold Garrett

    U can cook anything I 😘 ve mine. Chicken wings are the best. The kids love to cook pizza rolls and chicken tenders.

  4. Caroline Thornbury

    Chicken wings—

    450, 20 mins on each side

    Coat in olive oil & s&p
    Once cooked, toss in melted butter w/ honey, franks red hot, and another hot sauce of your choice (I like Melinda’s ghost pepper sauce)

  5. Do a finger foods night do chicken bites mozzarella sticks jalapeño poppers French fries fried mushrooms potatoes skins etc it’s the first thing I made in my air fryer and now it’s a regular thing my kids love it! But honesty you can cook anything in the air fryer! Just make sure you properly temp your raw meats! And clean often for a longer life span! Good luck and congrats on the wedding!

  6. Brandy Trowsdale

    Anything and everything. Any frozen foods like egg rolls burritos, any meat with veggies all at once even with a little oil and seasoning. Grilled cheese sandwiches, stuffed chicken breasts, use tortillas with a toothpick and make your own taco shells and stuff with whatever you like. Egg salad or beef and cheese. Shorter list for what you can’t cook cheap in an air fryer. Lightly egg and flower and season anything and fry it up. Pickles, meat any veggies.

  7. Ivy Jones-Holloway

    I like making my chicken in mine. I just season it like I’m baking it and it comes out perfectly crispy.

  8. I literally just throw whatever in there and cook it toast meat chicken nuggets corn dogs

  9. Jennifer Coughlin-Mackey

    Oddly enough, the dollar store has mozzarella sticks, egg rolls and a few other things in the freezer section, that have actual air fryer instructions on back. And I’m convinced that any chicken nuggets cooked in the air fryer turn out wonderful.

  10. You can put so many things in the air fryer it’s the best thing ever. Anything frozen comes out way better in there than the oven.

  11. Chicken wings, bags of frozen chips, party pies, sausage rolls… There’s a lot you can do with an air fryer

  12. Literally anything! air fryer fries, warm up some chili beans and top it all w cheese and you have chili cheese fries. You can buy a bag of salad mix, air fryer boiled eggs at i think 380 for 18 mins (might wana google to double check the temp) toss the boiled eggs in w maybe some sliced ham and croutons and a dressing of your choice, you can literally make really anything in an air fryer i learned to not be scared to be creative.

  13. So, get some frozen uncrustables, put in air fryer at 400F for 4-5 minutes. I kid you not, the best treat ever!

  14. Jasmine Wilson

    Chiken tenderloins 1 egg in a bowl with some milk seasoning of your choices and bread crumbs of your choice dip in egg/milk then in seasoning/bread crumbs lay them in the air frier on 400 for 15iah minutes start there then you can always cook longer if it’s not done and you have fried chicken

  15. I cook everything and anything in it meat steaks, potato bakes cookies, lasagne. Anything you cook in the oven you can cook in these

  16. Salmon-Any kind: Defrost 3-4 fillets. Rub with a little oil and season with paprika, onion, lemon pepper and salt. Preheat and Airfry 5 min at 370, flip, and do 2- 3 min more and then add Parmesan cheese for another minute . Serve with anything. We do rice and whatever veggie usually.

  17. Elaine Heikura

    I find have meals for ideas but what a great gift to receive. Also happy upcoming wedding!!

  18. Tonya Bushey Maracle

    It should come with a book. I don’t do “recipe’s” I just put meat in and season it. I just select time, temp and setting. On frozen things like fries, tenders pizza rolls etc the bag will tell you all of that.
    I’ve cooked a roast, chicken breast, burgers, pork chops, pork loin, fish, baked taters, fries, pizza rolls, and taquitos. I love my air fryer. 😊

  19. Combine half ground beef and half Italian sausage, one egg, and half a cup of panko bread crumbs. Make into patties and roll around a mozzarella pearl ball, air fry 370 for 12 minutes. Add to your favorite sauce and pasta, or sauce and serve on rolls with more cheese for meatball subs. So good! Honestly, everything that can go in the oven, microwave, or deep fryer goes in the air fryer these days. We do Italian sausage, bratwurst, kielbasa, pork chops, frozen hamburger patties, breakfast sausage links, roasted potatoes, frozen burritos, hot pockets, pizza rolls, the list goes on and on! Our air fryer rarely leaves our counter!

  20. Anything you cook in the oven you can cook an air fryer if it fits. My favorites are Piggy’s in a blanket, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, bacon and sausage, chicken thighs, steak, chicken wings, reheat pizza slices, season oiled canned chickpeas a really good too!

  21. Yvette-kirk Orsini

    I just bought myself an air fryer. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time
    Like everyone else said. You can cook anything. I love it no kitchen mess either

  22. Bridget Franklin

    We love fish cooked in our air fryer , chicken nuggets , egg rolls ,tater tots ,French fries,apple pies ,cherry pies etc pretty much anything

  23. I do everything in the air fryer. Mini pizzas, Turkey melts, grilled cheese, sausage patties, bacon. To chicken nuggets, cheese fries, fish sticks, baked fish, hamburgers. You can literally do just about anything

  24. Not a recipe, but I love doing tater tots in mine! They actually get nice and crispy 😋

  25. Lori Browning Simon

    I buy a box of pork eggrolls from Sams Club and they are awesome in the air fryer. Fish sticks or portions are good also

  26. Gwen Gentry Teague

    I cooked boneless skinless chicken in mine tonight. I don’t recall where I saw the recipe. Cut the chicken up into bite sized pieces and put in a ziplock bag. Put a spoonful of mayo in the bag and move the chicken around to coat. Then pour a bag of Shake n Bake in the bag and move around to coat. Put the chicken in the air fryer for about 20 minutes. Turn halfway through. It was excellent! Much better than any frozen chicken nuggets I’ve ever bought.

  27. Chicken wings are the best, toss in a little flour, salt and pepper and air fry. So crispy in such less time than the oven!

    Roasted potatoes & veggies!

    So many things!

  28. Lyda Lobato Hovey

    Basically Anything You would bake in your Oven
    I Love mine everything taste so much better in half the time

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