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My daughter wants to serve Chinese food at her birthday party. I am getting he…

My daughter wants to serve Chinese food at her birthday party. I am getting her chicken fried rice from her fav restaurant. Any suggestions for some other dishes I can make that’s on the cheaper side. Probably for around 30 people.

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  1. I make chicken teriyaki. Just the lo mein noodles and Panda Express sauce from Walmart with chicken!

  2. Jannette Wysong

    If you have a Costco, highly recommend getting the Tempura Orange Chicken! Way better than Trader Joe’s (not as much breading) and the pieces are bigger so the 2 bags/box go much farther.

  3. Orange chicken 🍗 easy 3 ingredients
    Cut chicken in bite size pieces
    Add 1jar of orange marmalade (I had trouble finding orange so I used apricot)
    1 jar BBQ sauce
    Stir fry the chicken cover with the jelly and bbq keep warm e

  4. Cassandra Pagan Francavilla

    Lo Mein (thick spaghetti & teriyaki sauce)
    Slow cook chicken tenders in teriyaki sauce (toss some broccoli in at the end)
    Cartons of miso soup, heat it and toss in wontons from the frozen aisle

  5. Costco for the win! They have egg rolls that are pretty gd in the frozen section….n air fry!

  6. Sweet & sour chicken. Just get tempura chicken and sweet and sour sauce. Steamed broccoli. Maybe some teriyaki beef.

  7. Asian ramen noodles.. soak them in hot water, drain than fry with garlic, green onion, cilantro.. add the oil and powder packets in. You can buy add celery and carrots too… Or buy mixed frozen veggies of you choice..

  8. Elizabeth Reynolds Lawton

    —popcorn chicken in the crockpot w/BBQ sauce and orange jelly over fried rice
    —frozen egg rolls
    —crab Rangoon dip from Aldi’s w/noodles fried in air fryer
    —fortune cookies
    —parasols in drinks

    **Party favors in little boxes w/wire handles (look like Chinese takeout)—OR—let them fix their chicken and rice in these containers with chopsticks.🙂

  9. I’d maybe use Chinese chicken salad as the main entree and have the other Chinese food options as side- salad is cheap! I’d use a rotisserie chicken for the chicken part.

  10. Go to your local grocery store and you can get egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken, dumplings in Crock-Pot frozen section they Also have cans of chinese food that is really good

  11. Vanessa Hernandez Morrow

    Sesame chicken. Walmart has the little packets for the sauce and pretty simple directions

  12. Crab ragoon, wonton soup, beef and broccoli, lo mein.

    I got recipes for all of these if you want them. If you have Ninja/Instapot I have recipes for them too.

  13. Popcorn chicken frozen from winco and her favorite sauce ( sweet n sour / bake your own chicken add teriyaki sauce )

  14. Jackie Stanford-Fenner

    Pan fry chicken breast cut into chunks. Marinate and cook in teriyaki sauce to make teriyaki chicken. Serve with any kind of rice

  15. Costco you can buy dumplings, egg rolls etc… fairly cheap.

    You could do wantons easily.

    Make lo mein

    Egg drop soup, chicken and rice soup. So many options

    Sweet and sour chicken.

    Beef/chicken and broccoli

  16. You can MAKE fried rice cheaply, I would get fortune cookies for sure, and make Orange chicken, and maybe beef and broccoli from restaurant??? Google Chinese dishes and see what you can find. A stir fry served on rice should be easy??? So many dishes you can do easily…. get some chop sticks!!

  17. Marie Ratchford

    Sweet chilli crispy fried steak it’s delicious. You could fry up the steak then do a few different sauce people could pick what they like cook some veggies they could add whatever they want with the sauce and steak and put it over rice

  18. Homemade egg rolls! Very easy and makes a lot! Just get the egg roll wraps which I believe has about 20 in each. Brown some hamburger meat with soy sauce. Take some cole slaw mix and cook it in some water with soy sauce also. Mix the meat and slaw mix and add some more soy sauce and then wrap that in the egg roll wraps and fry them. Very easy and makes a lot!

  19. Make stir fry veggies, pop corn chicken, stir fry noodles, sweet and sour chicken is normally good with kids

  20. Cheryl Erickson

    Make extra white rice, chicken strips with sweet and sour or lemon sauce on the side, frozen eggrolls, noodles are easy

  21. Pinterest… we make homemade Chinese at home and hardly ever go out and eat it anymore. We make sweet n sour sauce, sweet n sour chicken, and fried rice.. and then use chicken ramen noodles for the chow main noodles for a cheaper option to go a longer way.

  22. James N Xaviera

    Wontons, spring rolls, egg rolls, sweet and sour orange chicken, sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, moo goo gai pan, coconut shrimp, deep fried shrimp, fried rolls,. Stir fry your favorite vegetables and meat. Jalapeno and shrimp poppers teriyaki chicken on a stick 🍡 rice noodles.

  23. Sweet and sour chicken and orange chicken.
    These two easy things you can throw in a crock pot. Pretty cheap and few ingredients!

  24. Orange chicken~ jar of orange mermalade and bottle of bbq sauce then add chicken. Super simple!

  25. Eggs rolls, spring rolls, crab rangoons, fortune cookies, beef and Broccoli, orange chicken, plain rice…would see if u can order take out containers online and set up buffett style

  26. Brittany Hermans

    egg rolls. the wrappers, coleslaw mix, breakfast sausage and soy sauce(i use Yoshidas instead of soy)….cook sausage mix with coleslaw add a little soy mix roll up in egg roll wrapper and fry

  27. Jennifer Stephens

    If you have Aldis they have good asian sauces like sesame, teriyaki, and orange, that you could put on popcorn chicken. Also make a good stirfry!

  28. Rebecca Comire Wilcox

    Imho I’d make the fried rice (cheap and easy) and go with frozen egg rolls (use air fryer or oven) they are tough to assemble. If you’d like to purchase a dish I’d chose wontons since they are specialty filling and deep fried.

  29. Cubed up bite sized pieces of chicken thighs, soak in soy sauce, toss in corn starch, fry in batches. Equal parts ketchup, white wine vinegar, oyster sauce, sugar add Sriracha to taste. Heat sauce in pan and toss chicken in. Typically for 2lb of chicken I do 1/4 cup of each ingredient. This is a bejing beef copycat recipe from panda express but using chicken.

  30. Caitlyn Silvester

    Won Tongs sure easy and cheap
    Ground meet inside the wrapper (shows the quick folding way on wrapper) into chicken or seafood broth!
    U can add a little seseme oil / soy sauce / green onions to broth!!!

  31. Pepper steak 2lb London broil slice thin coat lightly with seasoned cornstarch fry to brown add beef broth and soy sauce cornstarch on meat will thicken sauce. Stir fry bellpeppers and onions until crisp tender add to beef serve over rice. Season with black pepper,garlic powder,onion powder and ground ginger.

  32. You could do orange chicken in crockpot, or Sam’s club has a big box of orange chicken and it’s super good! And I would get some eggs rolls

  33. Chelsea Michael

    You could make crab Rangoons! Google a recipe and they’re pretty easy. Cream cheese, imitation crab, scallions, sugar, salt, pepper, wonton wraps, oil for frying or you could probs put them in an air fryer but I’ve never done it that way

  34. Jolene DeWilde Harris

    Orange chicken, get a bottle of sweet baby rays bbq sauce and a jar of orange marmalade throw in the crockpot easy and simple and great with rice

  35. Make wonton get wrapper there recipes inside package… either choices beef or cream cheese… both are good. Beef wonton is win in my families

  36. Costco has great frozen mini egg rolls. We fry them for 8 minutes and they are really good. Perfect size for a party.

  37. Costco rotisserie chicken is $4.99 each fully cooked they are absolutely wonderful and they’re huge I have a family of six three boys one girl and my husband I only need one rotisserie chicken for all of us there are no leftovers and they have a lot of easy made meals as well Chinese style option amd dollar store for eggrolls 125 for 8 spring rolls

  38. Jennifer Nicole

    Potstickers are super easy and cheap too. Home made or purchased frozen. 30 count bag for about $11 at Walmart. (At least where I live) Chicken and pork ones…
    Cream cheese won tons are super easy to make, and pretty inexpensive. You can make a thing of cream cheese fill a package of wrappers.

    Get like popcorn chicken… And oyster sauce, sweet and sour, sweet Thai chili and coat them.

    Egg rolls are very easy to make. I use pre shredded broccoli slaw, or coleslaw, and will use a rotisserie chicken to shred up, mix up and roll them. Inexpensive and very good. Have duck sauce and sweet and sour sauce to dip them in.

    For won tons and eggrolls home made I will “deep fry them” in my wok so they are cooked, but use my air fryer (400° for 5 minutes) right before the kids and I are about to eat them. Super crispy and better than fully cooking them oil.

    I would

  39. You can get the popcorn chicken from the grocery store, cook then coat in which ever sauce you prefer 🙂 peppers,onions, broccoli and a honey garlic sauce, frozen eggrolls/ spring rolls, Ramen noodles cooked and drained with stir fry veg and sweet and sour sauce ! Such an great idea!! Have fun!!

  40. Chow mein. I use spaghetti noodles. For 30 people, I would make 2 lbs of noodles. Since I usually serve as a side dish to meat, I just make it with sliced mushrooms, onion, shredded carrots, and minced garlic. For seasoning, I use black pepper, salt, and soy sauce. I’d estimate it would cost around $10 and it will make a lot. Frozen egg roll are great and easy to cook up in an air fryer. I saw some at Costco in WA state last week. Happy birthday to your daughter! 🎉

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