What are the best meals that taste just as good

My child is lactose intolerant and looking for meals that she can eat

My child is lactose intolerant and looking for meals that she can eat

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  1. Kendle Rae Hennessee

    My boyfriend is lactose intolerant and I just make everything with non dairy/lactose free milk when I cook for him.

  2. Maria Eva Zimmerman

    Fair trade milk has lactose free options to make switching from regular milk to lactaid a little more tolerable. I use it in my cooking as well.

  3. Karinneth Crespo

    I been lactose intolerant since im 5 i eat everything, they are alotttt of stuff lactose free, you can replace the milk for almond milk if you want, cheese vegan options, ice cream, yogurt, milk etc they come lactose free

  4. Laurie Michelle

    My daughter is and I make everything the same but use her milk! Lactose free cheese, ice cream, etc.

  5. She can eat anything, i just buy cashew milk or oat milk to use in recipes and cereal. I get vegan cheese products

  6. Switch to lactaid.. or better yet the great choice brand from walmart. Both of my kids and now my Grands are lactose Intolerant. They don’t have to give up much anymore these days. Even the DQ now has milk free dilly bars. And they are actually not bad.

  7. Hubby is also alot of label reading for sure . If cheese has 0 or 1 % is ok to eat . Have notice most white cheese are ok . I use almond and coconut milk for cooking. Icream sherbert is ok others need to fine loctose free made with cashew or coconut milk . Custard ice-cream ok . But really at restaurants no cheese or get swiss cheese also american cheese . They will change it for you .

  8. I purchased lactaid or coconut milk because I am lactose intolerant as well. You can make any recipe if you use one of these two milks.

  9. We use stocks and broths instead of cream. You can make beef or chicken stew from scratch with water

  10. Carrie Schulz Schultheiss

    Aged cheeses have significantly less lactose than “younger” cheeses. Using aged cheeses like Parmesan or sharp cheddar can be ok for some people with an intolerance.

  11. Cabot makes lactose free cheese and there’s lactose free milk too. Ask her doctor about lactose enzyme pills she could take before eating dairy too

  12. Kristy Stewart Paulsen

    Cook hamburger and onions, cook rice (our use cauliflower rice), mix with hamburger/onion, add corn and onion soup mix (only add enough moisture to incorporate soup mix). Adding shredded cheese is optional.

  13. Just get some lactose supplements. They help break down the enzymes and she can still eat dairy products

  14. Michelle Barger-Bambrook

    I like fairlife milk it’s a lactose free milk. Use it when meals call for milk. It also the one I found that taste closest to milk. I use lactose free things when cooking.

  15. Kristy Stewart Paulsen

    Shepherds pie- cook hamburger, onions, tomatoes and tomatoe sauce, or gravy, green beans with salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, basil. After cooked, add a layer of mashed potatoes and melt cheese (optional). You can add cheese to your portion.

  16. Holly Forester Trotter

    Egg roll in a bowl
    Roast and veggies
    Stir fry/hibachi
    Fried rice with meat
    Tacos of all kinds – beef, pulled pork, potato, chicken
    Hamburger stew
    Egg salad sandwiches
    Tuna salad sandwiches
    Chicken salad
    Ramen in garlic shrimp sauce
    Hobo packets
    Salmon patties
    Chicken patties (made like salmon patties)
    Pf Chang style lettuce wraps
    Salisbury steak and potatoes or noodles
    Pot pie
    Beef stew
    Deli style wraps
    Pulled pork sliders or stuffed potatoes
    Sloppy joes
    Chicken and rice

  17. Depending the severity of the lactose allergy, theres now vegan cream cheese, and cheeses at walmart, almond or oat milk, when buying snacks dark chocolate is dairy free i read the ingredients on packages still but generally gluten free packages have a vegan symbol toom while i know lactose free isnt vegan if her intolerance is like me dairy free is safer. I buy vegan snacks, and cheeses then add meat to things lol

  18. Holly Forester Trotter

    Making your own cream of chicken soup will open up your options. I love the new Silk Next Milk in this recipe (and for all savory recipes – mashed potstoes, gravy etc)

  19. Kaytlynne Christine

    They make lactose, cheese 🧀 and a bunch of other things usually in the grocery aisle that’s refrigerated. So she’s not limited to anything 🙌🏻

  20. Britney Churchill

    My daughter is lactose intolerant as well she does fine with anything that is cooked with milk in but if she would do cereal, cheese, or just plain milk she takes a lactaid chewable or pill 30 min before and she is fine….I do buy her own milk which is either lactaid 2% milk, oat milk, or sweetened almond milk but no nutritional value in the almond or oat milk so lactaid milk is reg milk with the lactose enzyme taken out of ir so it has all the vitamins and calcium she needs so we do get that milk more than the others

  21. Kristy Stewart Paulsen

    Bake or grill chicken with a glaze of honey, brown sugar, liquid smoke, salt, pepper, granulated garlic and onion. Tastes like peanut chicken, but not peanut.

  22. Kristy Stewart Paulsen

    Egg roll in a bowl. Any meat ( can be pork, chicken, beef, shrimp). After it is cooked, add in bag of coleslaw mix( no coleslaw sauce) and other veg as desired. add soy sauce as desired.

  23. Plant based butter . Lactose free milk . Lactose free Breyers ice cream and a few items I buy for my son .

  24. Kristy Stewart Paulsen

    One pot wonder. all items are optional to your tastes. Prepare any chopped/cubed/ground meat you choose, any chopped vegetables you choose, (I use a lot of frozen)(I like potatoes, onions, celery, carrots, corn) but you can switch it up as you like. Any seasoning you choose, I love salt, pepper and garlic. Towards the end scramble in egg. Melt cheese on top. Adjust the quantity for the number of people and adjust for dietary needs, removing or changing ingredients. Yumm.

  25. They make a lot of dairy free options you just have to look a little harder and they might be in the health section

  26. My teen loves Lactaid milk and almond milk. She eats harder cheeses like extra sharp white cheddar when she wants grated cheese.

  27. Dayia is a great cheese brand! Baby bel has a plant based cheese to snack. Follow your heart is also good for cheese. Also watch for lactic acid in stuff (candy, snacks, etc)
    Most anything can be made lactose free with substitutions 🙂

  28. Donald Ray Johnson

    I make a banana pudding with lactose free milk and non dairy whipped cream. Very big hit at picnics

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