My check out from my French doors. Corona CA Usa…

My perspective from my French doors. Corona CA United states
I have 11 hummingbird feeder’s hanging in the yard. We’ve had 2 nests in the final 2 decades and have watched the wonder of mommy setting up her nest, hatch, feed and her babies fly absent.
This is experiencing east and I’ve noticed astounding sunrises during the years. I have tomatoes, squash, carrots & broccoli in pots and lifted beds and 6 hydrangeas in pots, alongside with many herbs & flowers ❤️ This is my joyful area ❤️

thank for the first creator Annette Bartholio Smith

40 thoughts on “My check out from my French doors. Corona CA Usa…”

  1. Sandra Whitney

    Peaceful garden, love all the hummingbird feeders to watch them. Hello from Miles City, Montana. Stay safe, Be well and Take care.

  2. Annabel Nelson

    Oh for sweet; I can understand how it’s your happy place. I wish you all the best Annette from South Dakota.

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