My backyard Enid, Oklahoma United states…

My backyard Enid, Oklahoma United states of america

thank for the primary creator Stephen Conrady

48 thoughts on “My backyard Enid, Oklahoma United states…”

  1. Sandra Whitney

    Beautiful peaceful view. Hello from Miles City, Montana. Stay safe, Be well and Take care. 🕊

  2. Dyrke Schaefer

    Drove through Enid just a few weeks ago while on a roadtrip. Howdy from the Netherlands.

  3. Diane Pulaski Balsam

    So charming. A perfect spot for enjoying the surroundings with iced tea and cookies . Greetings from Niantic Connecticut

  4. Peggy Maggs Mosharrafa

    Beautiful! I have a friend who lived in Enid back in the late 70s. Hello from Oxfordshire, England.

  5. Lucy Strickland

    Oh, what a beautiful garden!!! Looks so peaceful and inviting ❤️ Greetings and best wishes from Florida USA🌴

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