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What are the best meals that taste just as good

Morning! I have five cooked hotdogs left over from dinner Monday night. What can…

Morning! I have five cooked hotdogs left over from dinner Monday night. What can I do with these besides having chili dogs again tonight? Thanks for any suggestions

thank for the original creator Rosemary Godwin

29 thoughts on “Morning! I have five cooked hotdogs left over from dinner Monday night. What can…”

  1. One time my husband chopped them up and made hot dog fried rice. I didn’t try it but he said it was good

  2. Mac n cheese with hot dogs. Or my family loves cutting them up and adding to mashed potatoes with cheese!!!

  3. Split them stuff with cheese Wrap them with cooked bacon then with crescent roll. Bake till golden brown. Enjoy!

  4. Wanda Little-Zepeda

    Corn dogs, beans and weiners pork and beans cut weiners heating through add catsup mustard brown sugar onions or add whatever you add to pork and beans

  5. Robyn Stokes Miller

    Corn dog muffins…prepare Jiffy or other cornbread mix, fill muffin cups, add chopped hot dogs to each cup. So yummy!

  6. June Rakes McNeely

    Chili cheese dog pizza. Pizza crust, can of no beans chili for the sauce, top with sliced hot dogs, diced onion and cheddar cheese. Bake according to crust directions. Can also drizzle with mustard if desired.

    Can also do a casserole by changing pizza crust for prepared corn muffin mix and top the same way.

  7. Beanie weenies, chop up and add to homemade mac and cheese, make coney sauce and have coneys.

  8. Sherece Bates Baumann

    Cut them up add bbq sauce and heat up or add to sauerkraut. We always had fried potatoes and pork and beans with either.

  9. You can cut them open , not all the way open and stuff them with mashed potatoes and a little shredded cheese, bake them till hot and cheese is melted and bubbly.

  10. Cut them up get you a can bake beans and put them in the bake beans with onions sprinkle some brown sugar and ketchup and have u some beanie winies

  11. My kiddos love it when I cut the hotdogs on a diagonal pan fry them and add eggs to make hotdogs with scrambled eggs

  12. Cut those bad boys up, fry them then dump in scrambled eggs, some cheese and cook. My fav to do with leftover hot dogs!

  13. Shirley Clyburn

    Add them to mac n cheese or fix kraut/ weiners if you like that. When my girls were little they liked them mixed in pork n beans.

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