Mega Millions jackpot hits 128 billion ahead of Friday drawing

Mega Millions jackpot hits $1.28 billion ahead of Friday drawing

The Mega Tens of millions jackpot has developed to $1.28 billion in advance of the Friday drawing. Dan Geltrude, founder of the accounting and monetary advisory business Geltrude and Business, joined CBS Information to go over what you can do if you have the winning ticket.

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46 thoughts on “Mega Millions jackpot hits $1.28 billion ahead of Friday drawing”

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  6. I don't win things like this as a rule but on the other hand a number of outlandish things have already happened in my life, why not one more crazy unexpected thing? Only costs two bucks to find out. Taxes? Okay!

  7. I was standing next to someone who was struck by lightening and next to someone who's toe was bitten off by a shark. So someone standing very close to me is about to be very rich

  8. So basically, as we speak it's worth $1.3B and if you win, after taxes, you get $400M. So you win and get the privilege of paying the government $1B??!!! God bless America!

  9. I am the winner of the Mega Millions Billion dollar drawing… I won the Mega Million dollar jackpot!!! I can’t wait to claim my prize Saturday morning!!!!

  10. I will restore humanity back to a sovereign peaceful natural and spiritually discerned state of being IF I win! Humanity is dying because of monetary systems being completely corrupted and parasitic ideologies are spreading in the hearts of humanity!

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