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Made to much elbow macaroni need ideas other than mac n cheese and macaroni sala…

Made to much elbow macaroni need ideas other than mac n cheese and macaroni salad
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  1. Vada Leslie Wilson

    Elbow mac in chili becomes “chili mac” at our house. Hubby’s parents cooked elbow mac in scrambled eggs. I like to put it in veggie soup. Sometimes I just like it cooked and with butter and salt and pepper on. You can also cook hamb. and combine spaghetti sauce and cooked elbow mac and put it in baking dish with mozzerella cheese on top and bake.

  2. Macaroni and ground beef with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese mix together and bake at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour

  3. Tracy Hafra Pearce

    Tomato Mac.
    Get a can of diced tomatoes, a large can of Tomato juice. Cheddar cheese, salt and pepper.
    Warm the noodles, add the can of diced tomatoes, add Tomato juice to coat the noodles but not soupy. Then add your shredded cheddar cheese until melted and incorporated. Season with salt and pepper. 😙🤌🏼

  4. My moms made like a stew with potatoes meat and veggies, tomato sauce and some elbow macaroni… i liked it

  5. One of my favorites
    i had some friends who would make chili with no beans and it cooked all day smelt hecka delicious and then when served it was put over a bed of pasta. served with salad n frech bread.
    was told it was called chili con carne
    pasta salad its not mac salad

  6. Janellen Privee

    My Mom made What we called Poor man spaghetti. Elbow mac with hamburger and red sauce. I loved it so much. I still make it.

  7. Add chicken,bite size, cream of chicken soup, small can of spring peas, mix and place in casserole pan. Cook for an hour. Butter six slices of bread and cut into small squares. Place on top of hot casserole, butter side up and cook for another 30 minutes or until bread is golden. Oven at 350/375.

  8. Mac with tomaoes, ground beef, onions and cheese baked in oven..add any spices or veggies you like, I put broccoli in mine at times..quick easy very filling meal with side of green beans or salad and Texas toast

  9. Ramona Carrillo

    Add California blend to it, stick of butter, salt and pepper to taste. Makes a great side dish!!

  10. Barbara Hibbard


    1 lb of cooked pasta your choice
    1 lb of hamburger meat chopped up and cooked in butter with one whole onion chopped up and one whole pepper chopped up, drain grease
    3 cans of your favorite stewed tomatoes chopped up or put in blender til smooth
    Garlic to taste, S&P,
    Italian seasoning, Adabo seasoning, whatever your other favorite spices are to taste
    A couple shakes of Worcestershire sauce
    1 whole stick of oleo or butter
    1 personal size can of V8 juice
    You may choose to add one can of drained corn – optional
    Mix it all together and heat well before serving
    Since everything will be cooked before you put it together it doesn’t need to heat for very long and it doesn’t need to boil. Cook for a little while to simmer to your taste. Hope you have leftovers and if pasta has soaked up the juice add another small can of V8 juice.

  11. Mix 2lb browned ground beef, 1 jar favorite spaghetti sauce, 1 block cream cheese, 1 sautéed onion, 1tsp Italian seasoning, 1tsp garlic powder heat then add noodles

  12. Baked pastas with cheese add some seasonings and you got it right

    Or chicken broth with noodles add carrots and celery onion salt pepper

  13. Cherokee New-Rosera

    Get a pan and add 2-4 cans of cream of chicken, add some milk, butter and seasonings. Stir until heated and mixed together. Add noodles in and stir and then add in shredded chicken and stir. Serve with veggies or cornbread 💜

  14. Sausage tomato pasta
    1 box of pasta
    1/2 bag of frozen chopped green bell peppers
    1/2 bag of chopped onion
    1/2 of a chopped tomato
    1 package of ground sausage
    1-2 packages of grated Parmesan
    In one pan cook the grounded sausage until almost all the pink is gone then add peppers, onions & tomatoes on low heat
    In a pot add water once water comes to a boil add pasta till fully cooked to your liking then mix everything together! It’s delicious

  15. add tuna, mayonnaise, a little lemon juice, salt & pepper, a onion, and if you have it lemon pepper. it’s so good and refreshing on these hot days (FL heat sucks)

  16. Taco pasta/rice casserole. Brown hamburger with chopped onion and green pepper add corn and black beans both drained and a can of rotel tomatoes. Add cooked noodles or rice chopped cilantro and a can of fiesta nacho cheese soup. Mix and bake in a greased casserole dish until hot and bubbly. Add cheese on top and bake until melted.

  17. Anastacia Chechotko

    Dill pickle pasta salad. We can live on that for DAYS! 😆
    Add ham & little veggies for some added Yum!

  18. Add canned chicken chopped celery grapes or tart apples and coleslaw dressing. Makes a great salad

  19. Rasheen McDowell

    Take some heavy cream, cream cheese and mix it together with a little butter and mushrooms taco seasoning and chili powder . Ground beef or turkey cook onions and bell peppers.and garlic season to your liking. Mix together and cook on low until noodles are done being infused together. Put any kind of cheese you like except mozzarella. Put in oven the bomb

  20. Chili Mac….(I do cheater’s chili Mac…I get Wendy’s chili and spice it up, add the macaroni and heat through. ). Serve with salad and garlic bread. A family favorite.

  21. Danniell Eldredge

    I made a homemade Birdseye type dinner they were out of rotini so I used elbows lol boil noodles, add some steamed veggies and chicken and add or make a cheese sauce. If anyone don’t know Birdseye is a frozen bag meal.

  22. My father used homemade spaghetti sauce and used the large elbows, I always loved it because the sauce got inside of the noodles. Fond memories…

  23. Karen Knarr Parks

    Fry bacon, chop up into bite size piece, cook the Macaroni, add the drained bacon and add tomato soup. Heat it up . Cheap and delicious!

  24. Milissa McKeever Kruse

    Mix with browned hamburger, 1-2 jars of spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese and bake

  25. Drain well then spread it out on a glad wrap lined cookie sheet. Place it in the freezer until frozen solid. Place in freezer contatainerin freezer til ready to use. Reheat in pan of boiling water then drain and use as usual.

  26. Pasta salad. Get som cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, cubed ham, cubed cheese, and Italian dressing mix it all together. It’s so yummy!

  27. Libby Wilson-Miller

    Macaroni and tomatoes. Elbow macaroni, 1 tablespoon butter, can of diced tomatoes salt pepper garlic to taste. Heat to desired temp

  28. Honor L. Skipper

    I love doing an Italian pasta. You cook the noodles to your liking but not mushy. Run them under cold water after you strain them let them cool completely and drain.
    Add to bowl with favorite veggies. Mine are olives tomatoes cucumbers green onions purple onion banana peppers. (Can add pepperoni or salami too)
    Then top with bottled zesty Italian dressing. Make sure it’s coated good but not swimming. Refrigerate for a few hours. Add more dressing as needed.

  29. Jill St Hillaire

    Mac and Cheese pie: same as mac and cheese but you add an egg or two, some dice red and/or green peppers and pour into a greased glass dish. Place in oven at 350 for about 20 minutes or until bubbly. (You can add more cheese if you like). My mom would make this and it was great!

  30. Karen Lee Riggs

    Add a can or two of tuna drained. A can of peas drained. A chopped onion (optional) and mayonnaise or miracle whip to taste. Cover with crushed chips

  31. Tara LeAnn Peyton

    We love macaroni and tomato juice! A little salt, pepper and chili powder, and dip with toast or grilled cheese. 😋

  32. Keilani C Stedman

    I make chili for hot dogs and we also put on macaroni noodles. We have been doing this since my kids were little and they are all practically grown now and still love it.

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