Looking for really filling high protein meals and snacks for

Looking for ideas for 15 yr old for after school to make himself to eat… Very …

Looking for ideas for 15 yr old for after school to make himself to eat… Very few steps!!

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  1. Susan Hedgepeth

    Cheese and crackers. Real cheese on regular or any cracker is an easy filling snack. And maybe a frozen pizza to just throw in the oven (the cheap ones are great for this). Pre make tortilla wraps and microwave them. Freeze ahead.

  2. Cheri Hackler Dauben

    The cast iron skillet is a necessity. You can sear steaks chicken and pork chops with a side vegetable and throw it in the oven to finish cooking. Pork chops and cinnamon apples are super easy. One item to clean. Just make sure to show him how to properly clean and season the skillet each time.

  3. She didn’t ask for the judgement.

    I have an 11 year old and 14 year old.

    They make anything microwavable. Hot dogs
    ..mac n cheese.. ravioli.. spaghetti o…they like pizza pockets.. soft pretzels… soup… oodles n noodles…

    I dont like them using the stove without anyone home. So microwave please.

  4. Alison holsts dollars and sense recipie book has great easy recipes. Was my favorite book when I 1st went flatting still using is 25 years later.

  5. Vicki Margaret Angel

    Sandwiches, make up a extra plate from the previous nights meal, fruit, hamburgers, crumpets

  6. .my brothers would eat a bowl of cereal to tide them over until dinner 7 brother and sister to feed on a budget

  7. Prepared meals. You can buy the container at Target, Amazon & etc…
    It’s better than junk food.
    I would recommend fruit, protein snacks, yogurt with granola…

  8. I’d bake chicken breast with salt / pepper -cut it up & put into fridge- 15 yr old can make a quesadilla with the chicken cheese buffalo sauce, chipotle sauce any vegetables they like.

  9. I have to learn at age 13. . It was learn to cook or starve. So I chose the obvious. Now I get called to cook for up to 12 people

  10. Make a list of things he could make, if hes not cooking yet…get busy so he would learn how to take care of himself AND clean up after himself.

  11. My kiddo uses the air fryer and just about anything can go in it, hot dogs are amazing in them!!

  12. Michelle Blahnik

    I just leave food in the house and whatever it is they eat it (except the frozen vegetables those things last forever).

  13. There’s so many possibilities! Try to see if there are programs in your area as well that can teach nutrition and cooking. My (at the time 12 year old) joined a teen chefs program. It was through our local library and the kids were taught by 3 different award winning chefs. One was Andy hay who was also a contestant on canadas top chef

  14. Sara Tinklebinkel

    Smoked sausage and cabbage if looking for a meal idea. So cabbage doesn’t need ro be cut up get a bag or two of shredded cabbage coleslaw mix. Cut up smoked sausage put in pan and cook a bit. Add bag or 2 of cabbage to pan with smoked sausage and stir a bit. Cook and stir occasionally, then put some water in pan and cover and let cook for a bit. Uncover and stir make sure enough water is still in pan if cabbage is not done to liking and cook until cabbage is to desired tenderness. Can add chopped onions when add cabbage also or can be put in slow cooker with one or 2 cups chicken broth and cook on low for around 5 hours or until cabbage is desired renderness.

  15. Pre shredded chicken , add to knorr pasta sides follow package instructions for noodles, I always let the chicken heat up with the milk and water, and I always add extra butter and milk

  16. Would he maybe like to try making a “hello fresh” type meal kit? I know it’s not the cheapest idea, so it may not be good for everyday use, but rather a treat for sometimes. But the upside is all the ingredients are there and pre-portioned, and there’s easy to follow instructions. Those 2 things were key for me when I first started learning to cook (which wasn’t until 26 yo). I’m not sure what skill set your kiddo has, but in case he is still learning.

  17. Susan Smelser Blum

    Air fryers are super friendly and easy to use. My son who just turned 13 is learning to use it. He can make steaks, fries, burgers all kinds of stuff already.

  18. Rhonda Huwe Fuson

    Tortilla pizzas they can also be made in the air fryer. Air fryers are easy and can cook a variety of things. Are left overs an option he can just warm up

  19. My teenagers always loved taquitoes hot pockets pizza rolls ramon and snack food you didnt have to cook. But my dad literally took us to the store with him to puck one thing out that would last us all week. We didnt starve and if we ran out we had to wait until dinner or do someones chores for a snackie lol

  20. Alice Zarda Hoffman

    We call this “first dinner” at my house..lol. my boys are 14& 16. I think giving your kiddo choices/ideas of what to make is smart. Mine typically make: cereal, Ramen, grab a granola bar, microwave popcorn, Annie’s easy mac, leftover pizza, chips & salsa, a muffin, frozen pizza, and one will eat fresh fruit if it’s cut, and a freezer meal like s veggie pot pie. It’s not healthy at all but I’m being real with ya.

  21. Ramen noodles. College students have lived on it for years. All you need is th ability to read and follow diretions, and a watch or timer.

  22. Jessica Vasquez

    Frozen foods to throw in the microwave or toaster. Pizza rolls, ramen noodles, microwaveable mac n cheese bowls, toaster strudels, waffles, or have leftovers he can microwave, etc… Can also make bologna ham or turkey sandwiches.

  23. I buy my 15 year old packs of personal size pizza crusts (you can get 6 for $6 right now here ) and the and cheese and pizza sauce and he makes his own pizzas. In all it costs me about $11-$15 for 6 meals for him.

  24. Etta Szyndralewicz

    I honestly cannot understand why people need to be nasty! I am following with keen interest as I am tired of my own ideas too.

  25. Those Knorr sides are easy to make, have tons of options and are cheap. Depends on if you trust them to boil the water lol

  26. Pam Parker Hancock-Byrd

    My two boys in high school would cook lunch for me- rice, gravy, cubed steak, string beans, cauliflower or broccoli with cheese. Let them try-

  27. My kids go tos after school were/are: in the air fryer: moz sticks, pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, meatballs. Microwave: popcorn, leftovers. Salads, pickles, fruits. I also try to keep the munchie vegis on hand, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, radishes.

  28. My 16 yr old is very good at heating left overs. I just make xtra dinner and tell him to heat them the next day. Also he forages…cereal…popcorn…bacon sandwiches, corn beef hash.. microwaved scrambled egg. I take him shopping with me and he definitely knows what he likes.

  29. This isn’t the most nutritious option but I learned how to make a baked potato as a kid and would have that every day after school to hold me until dinner. A good way to throw in carbs if your kid is active and it definitely kept me full for a few hours.

  30. Loretta Shields Boswell

    Chicken quesadillas ( you can have already cooked and seasoned chicken in the fridge so all he has to do is heat it and put it and cheese on tortilla and flip once)

    Garlic bread pizza or bagel pizza – just put pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on bagel or frozen garlic bread and bake

    Grilled cheese sandwiches

  31. Dawn Daniel Crumbaugh

    So much judgement wow! She didn’t say her 15 year old can’t cook, she’s asking for ideas for them to cook , which is what this page is for!
    She probably added their age to kinda help with the food choices. Some of you are really mean 🙄

  32. My kids like making a baked potato in the microwave. I just buy the 5lbs bag of russet potatoes at the store, it’s around $2 for the bag, they microwave it on the potato setting, split it open, put butter, salt, pepper, cheese, and sometimes ranch dressing on it and it keeps them full for quite awhile. My son is 13 and my daughter is 9.

  33. Debi Greenwood Rogers

    My 16-yr-old grandson likes to take sandwich meat and cheese and roll it up in a flour tortilla. My kids knew how to put refried beans on chips, cover with cheese and microwave. They loved it with salsa. Something like Hot Pockets might be good.

  34. Cheri Rowe Robinson

    My son loves corn beef hash on buns. Or I buy mashed potatoes in the refrigerator section and he makes potatoes sandwiches. Only things he will make.

  35. My 15 year old giant lives on pb&j. Sandwiches with meat and cheese. Mac and cheese Ramen cups are one of his favorite. Pretty much whatever I get him to eat

  36. Jodylynn Taylor

    Air Fyer is great for alot of things.. My boys use it for hot dogs and fries and mini pizza and all kinds of simple easy things

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