Look at from my livingroom window in Keflavík, Iceland…

See from my livingroom window in Keflavík, Iceland🇮🇸
We experienced an energetic volcano 17 km from our home. This picture is taken a few months back. Nature’s artwork🤗❤ Greetings from Iceland

thank for the primary creator Kristín Þórunn Kristinsdóttir

39 thoughts on “Look at from my livingroom window in Keflavík, Iceland…”

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  2. Carol Clark Charest

    Wow! Kinda scary! Smoke/clouds look like a spaceship! Hello from sunny Florida USA

  3. Rita Buck-Chanatry

    I can’t wait to visit Iceland !!!! I want to dive the two continental plates in Silfra fissure !

  4. Unique- there’s nowhere else on earth with a view like this. Hello from Portland Oregon

  5. Andrea Phillips MacDonald

    Now that is a noteworthy view. Years ago I was stranded in Europe by one of your active volcanos. I visited a few more countries than I had intended and stayed longer than planned. Not bad, actually.

    Greetings from Rancho Cordova, California, USA. Our natural disasters involve wild fires and earthquakes.

  6. Elaine Richardson

    Hello, from Charlottesville, Virginia USA.Visited Iceland in December 2018. Loved it!

  7. Amazing views. My kids are there now and the pictures are amazing. Hello from Bath Pa USA 🇺🇸

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