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The patient arrived at about noon. Our Emergency unit received her due to chest pains, Itching spreads along the left arm. It’s clear to us that.  These are the symptoms of a heart attack. The ECG recorded all the symptoms of a severe heart attack. That means this lady has a terrible heart attack …!
Life Saving Points You Should Know about Cholesterol
Life Saving Points You Should Know about Cholesterol Good HDL and bad LDL cholesterol written on blackboard by doctor with stethoscope

Diagnosis Technique

The pressure is 60/40. We treated her for increased pressure. Pulse speed is 37 minutes. Very low. (Normally this should be between 60-100 minutes.) Our hospital is a specialist heart hospital. It has all the facilities needed to treat such patients. The best treatment to do right now is a pulse speed controller, simply put a speed maker on the temp. So, we quickly took the sick to the operating theater (literally the cath-lab) and set up this pace maker. Forgot to say. To do this, they inserted a small wire from the veins of the leg and sent it to the heart. Just put it in. His pulse rate was back up. That’s right.

We didn’t do anything to her heart attack.

In a heart attack, a blood clot will block a vein in the heart. It is when the heart muscle is dying that the blood flow to one side of the heart stops. The main purpose of administering a prescription for a heart attack is to dissolve the blood clot. The best thing to do is to send a wire and remove the blood clot before the blood clot builds up. This is called a stent. Then the blood flow to the heart is reduced so that the blockage is quickly removed and the blood flow begins. But the disadvantage of this method is that you need to get to the hospital as soon as you get a sick heart attack. And that hospital should have this stent facility. Sorry to say This facility is available only almost all hospitals. So, without further delay, we do an angiogram test to find out where the patient’s block is before stenting. Her heart’s major blood vessels are all blocked. This block is so bad that there is no other solution except to bypass it.

So why is this happening to her …

She never take any medication. No alcohol or cigarettes.

Then what causes many veins to block.

The reason for increased blood cholesterol is LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol are one of the main causes of blood vessel blockage.

Unfortunately, she never checked blood cholesterol.

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A little bit of physical exercise is another factor that can help to level blood cholesterol levels and decrease the blockage of the veins. Taking a walk instead of driving or taking a stare case instead of the elevator is a great substitute for a simple exercise.

Eating habits can also increase your blood cholesterol, as well as blood sugar and hypertension. This bite is the only thing that has ever eaten fatty foods, and that’s why you often go to junk food, pre-processed food. Food can make you a heart patient without even knowing it. What are the symptoms? If you feel tired and have fatigue, chest pains, you may find a doctor. Because there are so many other causes that … Before it’s too late.

Meet your doctor for diagnosis If you haven’t checked your cholesterol, check tomorrow … and without further delay … In addition, the blood vessels get blocked

  • High blood pressure
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • As well as getting older
  • Family inheritance /DNA
So, let me say again, check your sugar, cholesterol, and pressure at least once a year without telling you you’re sick. If you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, stop it. Forgot about Whatever you do, excise and start now. At least half an hour a day, not a day … But don’t try to do these simple tests at least once a year to make sure nothing is too hard. When you are diagnosed with a disease, it is too late. Like our sick …

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