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Lasagna tip: when cooking the noodles boil noodles less then what package says….

Lasagna tip: when cooking the noodles boil noodles less then what package says. Easier to handle and won’t rip on you.

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  1. make your lasagna the night b 4 with raw noodles. bake as usual the next day. Noodles r soft n tender.

  2. Frankly do not boil any pasta for as long as it says on package, if you do you will have a bowl of too soft pasta that tastes pasty

  3. I make my lasagna in the crockpot and don’t boil the noodles.. best lasagna… kids love it

  4. Rebecca Pyatovsky

    i don’t make lasagna with flat noodles anymore. i take the meat, sauce, and whatever noodles (usually elbows) and mix it together then layer that down and top with my cheeses and repeat until the pan is full. so much better that way imo.

  5. I don’t boil them ever. I don’t use oven ready either. Just assemble as usual. Sauce will soften them and lasagna won’t be soggy.

  6. Victoria Williams

    You don’t need to pre-boil lasagna noodles. You just make the recipe, layer, etc. Just make sure there is plenty of sauce. The noodles cook. I learned this years ago.

  7. Christy Lynn Hansen

    I just add them without cooking and put either some water over it or extra sauce to cook them then you dont have to deal with an extra step of boiling them

  8. Birdie Faye Nicholson

    No need to boil noodles. Lasagna, Mac n cheese, spaghetti or any kind. They cook when you add in raw with whatever you are making.

  9. Ok I always cook my noodles I’ve never had them rip and just asking u guys set timers for the noodles I’m like o crap the noodles and then they r done

  10. Danielle Maher Wetenkamp

    I cook until almost done, then rinse in cool water, then lay them all out to dry before layering.

  11. I use just regular lasagna noodles and don’t boil them. Always soft and tender when you come out of the oven. 

  12. It’s not necessary to pre boil you can always just put them in raw as the meat and cheese sauce are both hot and it goes back into oven to cook further

  13. Or don’t cook them St as ll. Just put them in like you would cooked ones just add more liquid.

  14. Jayme Marie Van Essen

    I don’t precook my noodles. I make extra saucy sauce to cook the noodles and it comes out perfect!

  15. I cook al dentè too…then I roll the noodle up to form one big lasagna roll…its so much easier to serve individual rolls than messy layers

  16. Heather Fleming Kinney

    I usually swear by these but used the regular sizes store brand this last time and they were just as good. Not soggy

  17. Don’t cook them at all. Even regular ones (not “oven ready”) cook just fine in the oven.

  18. Gretchen Lee Bourquin

    That’s what I do, boil them about five minutes. There’s only half the noodles in an oven ready box, and I want that extra lasagna to give away or freeze.

  19. Rose Oehring Miller

    also, before putting first layer of noodles down in your baking pan, sprinkle just a bit of dry corn meal in the bottom to keep it firm and from sticking

  20. Used oven ready FOREVER, but just the last 3 or so years I’ve been using the pre cook ones at a par boil

    Also – and to be honest I’ve used this for other casserole type that require a nice cheesy top – plain Greek yogurt or sour cream mixed with 1-2 eggs (pending on dish size) .. add a touch of garlic powder and parm, maybe salt, just under your cheese… it makes the cheese seem cheesier and you dont have to add as much cheese!!

  21. Kimberly Gaynor

    I use them uncooked and no it is not the oven ready pasta
    As long as the noodles are covered in hot sauce and you use foil to cover the pan when cooking the noodles will cook
    Cook covered for 45 min then take foil off and cook 15 min more to brown the cheese

  22. Kitty Schilling-Rhodes

    I always wipe them with a paper towel after cooking . I only boil them just enough to be flexible. I cook my prepared lasagna in the oven for 45 minutes covered, then 15 min uncovered.

  23. I never pre cook mine I just put in baking dish and put sauce n cheese layers then bake for 2 hours.

  24. Oven ready for me, I just use a layer of sauce under the first layer. So much easier than boiling noodles first

  25. Lisa Slater Dearing

    I don’t even boil mine. Soak in water 15 minutes while getting everything else & their ready. Just add a little more liquid to your sauce. Bake & eat

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