Jacksonville, Florida. 21 April 2020….

Jacksonville, Florida. 21 April 2020.
My spouse is frontliner operating in a Covid ICU unit. Want all you prayers that all frontliners appear property harmless and healthier.
I’m curious how significantly you’re from seeing this.

thank for the primary creator Ed Mendoza

49 thoughts on “Jacksonville, Florida. 21 April 2020….”

  1. Carolyn Grason Smart

    Beautiful! Praying for your wife and all healthcare workers 🙏🏼 Blessings from a Registered Nurse in Forest City, North Carolina 👋😊

  2. Lorraine Foster

    Beautiful!! Hello from Boise Idaho. Prayers for your wife & all the those caring so hard for everyone, please stay safe and healthy too.

  3. Sherry Caldwell Dickson

    Prayers for your wife! My son-in-law is a doc in JAX. Greetings from Northern Kentucky USA 🐎🏀

  4. Thank you, your wife for working on the front line and you for allowing it. Hi from Port Macquarie NSW Australia.

  5. Linnea Mossberg Helalat

    Not too far – I have friends in Jacksonville Florida 😎I’m in St. Petersburg Fla. 🙏Many thanks to the frontline workers ❣️👍💜 Take care 💚

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