It is a stunning day in Richmond, VA in the Usa nowadays! Sunny, lower humidity and s…

It’s a lovely working day in Richmond, VA in the United states of america right now! Sunny, minimal humidity and sunshine! We are having fun with it on my new screened in porch. I dreamed of this for 40 years and now my dream has come real.

thank for the first creator Janice Glass

31 thoughts on “It is a stunning day in Richmond, VA in the Usa nowadays! Sunny, lower humidity and s…”

  1. Kathy Isaacs Bandujo

    Oh, Richmond…I miss it so! I’m a native Virginian who lived in Richmond for 23 years, but now lives in Texas, where it’s been over 100 for three weeks straight.

  2. Martha McKeen Viets

    Screened in porches are the best ‼️🌞 so happy for your dream coming true and all the enjoyment you’ll get relaxing without the bugs ‼️❤️ Glad your weather has been cooler than ours in Kent, Ohio and many other locations. 🙋☺️👏🥰‼️

  3. Linda Stumvoll Quinn

    Hello from the town that Disney built — Celebration, Florida, USA. Stay safe and be well!

  4. Mary Ellen Maxwell

    I love my screened in porch and have lots of fun decorating it with stuff as well, out here on the plains of South Dakota where a screen porch keeps wind and bugs out!!!

  5. Tara St. John Cantwell

    Greetings from just up the road in Fredericksburg VA! It really has been lovely weather these last few days!

  6. Rosemary Morss

    Glad you got your new porch. Looks like your dog really appreciates it as well! Thanks for sharing – from Walnut Creek, CA

  7. Denise Owens Jackson

    It’s a beautiful porch! Congrats! I finally have one, too, so I know how you’re feeling. Hello from Delaware 🇺🇸

  8. Beautiful space, just in time for Summer! Your pup looks SO comfy – no flying little critters.
    Warm greetings from Oregon USA 🌻🌲

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