Is Ukraine Descending Into Civil War

Is Ukraine Descending Into Civil War?

Professors Nicolai Petro and Aleksandr Buzgalin discuss the factional clashes in the Ukrainian town of Odessa and how the global community can de-escalate tensions

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  1. Maybe Alesandr Buzgalin can explain what 40 Russian and Transnistria citizens arrested at the burned trade union building were doing? Foreigners fighting for Odessa's freedom? Give me a break.

  2. How come it is always Russian sources you are using? Come on, a professor at a Russian state university is hardly going to be objective, particularly as Putin is pulling many of the strings…

  3. The deluded yanks in the comments section really are a problem for the world. Sickening that the grandsons and daughters of those who fought and died against fascism alongside the Russians now side with those who stand for the same fascist views in Ukraine. Because Putin, that's why.
    The west, again, have chosen the wrong side here and can't admit their error or culpability. Russia won world war 2 and hopefully will put down the threats we face in eastern europe again. Disgustingly on their own though this time.

  4. Idk why people think putin controls everything in russia lol like he is some kinda GOD. Russians bow 2 no man including putin thre generally well educated contrary 2 popular belief and the have a high sense of pride and identity its not that they see him has a god they just agree with his policies.

    and they had 2 different perspectives from 2 different people.

    U dont like what thre saying look at the video and draw ure own conclusion. 

  5. Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)
    #Odessa #US #Ukraine #RightSector #CIA
    » LiveJournal: «
    » Facebook: «
    » Standalone: «
    » Twitter: «
    Today we can confidently conclude that the punitive operation in Odessa city was planned by Kiev government under
    the guidance of the CIA and implemented inadequate thugs of the «Right sector», which brutally cracked
    down on seeking shelter in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa city, and then burned their bodies to hide the traces of the crime.
    Goal of planned provocation is to get Russia to send troops to the area of Ukraine and because of this to accuse Russia in inciting war.
    However, the script has failed because the 'Dogs', as called scum of «the Right sector») in their hellish hate
    crossed all boundaries, surpassing in cruelty even their grandfathers — scavengers in the SS division «Galicia».
    In this post is collected evidences, which will not be able to refute the hangers-on of the Kiev government, simply because it's real true.

  6. Russia annexed Crimea using irredentist and Revanchist language.  Saying that Russia has no hand in destabilizing Ukraine is bullshit.  As long as Russia claims Crimea as Russian territory they cannot be seen as legitimate partner for peace. 

  7. Let's not forget the massive oil pipe line network that goes through Ukraine.  East and West are interested in that!  However the far right are on both sides, but the Ukrainian Communist party will hopefully form an anti fascist front and their grass root supporters will rise up and lead the way to a better way, even though UCP leadership are Russian pawns.

  8. Ukraine Crisis Today: Democracy caught on camera (this will never be shown on mainstream media)

    the letter from cityzens of Eastern part of Ukraine:

    "We are citizens of the Eastern part of Ukraine. We decided to write this article about events in Odessa in 2 May 2014. We want to break through an information blockade in the world. We want other people to know the truth. We know that mass media in your country won’t tell you about following facts. USA, EU and NATO are fighting with Russia in cabinets while we – people in the Eastern-South part of Ukraine – are dying, as our army with terrorists from “Right Sector” are killing us. And nobody helps us! Because we want to hold a referendum and vote for the autonomy of our region. It’s our constitutional right. 

    2 May 2014 a terrible tragedy happened in Odessa – 46 Ukrainian citizens were burnt alive.
    Events were as follows. More than 5000 football fans, members of “Right Sector” and activists for unity of the country arrived to Odessa from other parts of Ukraine. So the majority of them were not Odessa’s citizens. In Grecheskaya street they were attacked by people with full battle-rattle with St.George Ribbon (symbol of victory in the Second World War against fascists) and red bands on their arms. Here the first oddity and inconsistency with official version of current Kiev government has occurred. Exactly the same red bands were on arms of some police officers. Just in this place near these police officers so-called “separatists” disrupted the defenses of police officers and run to participants of pro-Ukrainian rally. 
    Also absolutely "accidentally" this moment was captured from elevated point. It means that person with camera knew the script of events and chose the position beforehand). Here is link to this video.
    Then after a short skirmish occurred first victims. Football fans were mad from spite. Unidentified shooters were shooting from roofs. Then people with bands just vanished. Video of shooting from Kalashnikov can be found in this link:
    Новое. Массовые столкновения в Одессе 2 мая 2014 года. Видеозапись происходящего.
    After these events and 4 victims, instead of persecution of explicit provocateurs, football fans went to the camp of federalization nerd people. There were about 300 people in the camp. Mostly old people and women who would not be able to resist the enemy, which outnumbered them in more than 10. Federalization nerd people decided to find the safe in a big building of House of Trade Union, as football fan were really mad at those time. They had already weapon and were shooting. 
    These “peaceful” demonstrates decided to burn them by Molotov cocktails. Here are horrible photos of burning. 
    Here the video of those who were preparing Molotov cocktails: 
    Кто помогал сжигать людей в Одессе 2 мая 2014 годаКто помогал сжигать людей в Одессе 2 мая 2014 года
    When people tried to get out through the window, they were fired:
    This person, who was shooting at peaceful people, wasn’t arrested. He is just giving an interview: Сотник Микола докладывает ситуацию об Одессе 2 мая 2014 года
    Many people, who got out from the burning, were hit. Medical services were prevented to help people. Fire service arrived only in 1.5 hour.
    These people applauded those who jumped out of windows. Jumped people died. Football fans cried: “Burn, Russians!” Julia Timoshenko arrived to Odessa and supported football fans. She said that they are the best Ukrainian patriots. Other deputies of Ukrainian Government supported the killing of peaceful people. You may find for example an account of Iryna Farion (This is her comment about events in Odessa: Bravo, Odessa! The pearl of Ukrainian spirit. The motherland of Ivan and Yuri Lyp. Let burn devils in hell! The best rebels are football fans. Bravo!). Isn’t it a fascism? 
    And now the government of Odessa according to order of Kiev opens criminal cases against those who survived in the fire. 
    We – citizens of Ukraine – want you to know the truth about events in our country. We know that your mass media won’t tell you about this. These people were killed. And our Ukrainian government declares that it was right. They showed what they are going to do with those who don’t support them. It’s terrible that USA, EU and NATO support killing of people in European country. They call separatists all people that don’t support current government in Ukraine (that came to power through military putsch) and don’t like fascist organization “Right Sector”. Current Ukrainian government gave official permission to kill peaceful people in the Eastern-South part of Ukraine. And they support it using your money! As they give taxpayers’ money. Do you want to support killings?
    To know the truth is a natural right of every person in the world. Share this article with your friends. Let’s break through an information blockade together!"

  9. Explain to me as to the citizen of Belarus, what to you prevents to hold a referendum on federalization and to finish civil war? For me it isn't important, whether there will be Ukraine in EU or the Russian Federation and Belarus union but if you don't stop war you won't be, you understand it …

    Angry mob set up by Putin's special forces + local mafia which always been pro-russian.

    Russians use stolen ukrainian passports from annexed Crimea to stir trouble by thousands. They are organised by Putin.

    They pay drunks and unemloyed + sympathisers + organise local russian pro-putin mob who just like entertainment like this…

    They are taught to shout at ukranian solders.

    They prevent and do not allow to capture special russian forces occupying government buildings + local separatists or mafia which are the same in many cases…

    This is 10% of population in East

    90% want peace, no trouble.
    60-75% want to be in Ukraine.

    But they afraid to come out as pro-russian mob very agressive, have guns and spies and money from Russia.

    No law now…

    The goal for Russia to annexe Ukraine…

  11. Ukraine was not founded until after the decisions that were made behind desks of then holding authorities in the years of 1991/4 .
    The boundaries were marked , as in the nineteenth century states – African colonies. So this is a completely artificial creation of a mosaic of people from all over the world . In these areas of formerly known as Podolia , Volhynia , Wild Fields or simply provinces of the Polish state, appeared whole mass of people completely not associated with these lands .
    The current 45 million inhabitants of Ukraine, 35 – 40 million is the people who came there after World War II.
    Previous inhabitants either killed or forced into deportation!

     An important element of historical memory in Poland is the old Kresy, the borderlands.
    These lands once belonged to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and are now part of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.
    The countries of Western Europe had their colonies (the French had Algeria, the British had India); Poland had its Kresy, which belonged to Poland for generations!
    Just as some Russians still mourn the loss of Kiev, to say nothing of Odessa or Sevastopol, so, too, do some Poles long for Lwów, Wilno and Grodno.
    Volyn was part of the Kresy.
    But the banderites murdered the innocent inhabitants of Volyn, and the blood that was spilt is crying for vengeance to the heavens.
    Moral law demands that we bury, honor and weep over the dead – this is what the Polish hearts call for.

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