In Warwick U.K… happiest when the washing is drying on the washing line and the …

In Warwick U.K… happiest when the washing is drying on the washing line and the 🐝 🐝 🐝 are chaotic on the bouquets! The backyard garden has modified more than the years to accommodate our family’s demands as the little ones grew up. Now taking pleasure in comforting in the backyard garden as we also have an allotment which usually takes a lot of our time. Appreciate viewing everyone’s sights.

thank for the authentic creator Niki Smith

46 thoughts on “In Warwick U.K… happiest when the washing is drying on the washing line and the …”

  1. Bernice DeShields Mason

    Hello from Eastern Pennsylvania USA. I too love to hang on the line.
    Is that a pink azalea on the right?
    Whatever it is it’s gorgeous 🌸

  2. Greetings from Lititz Pennsylvania USA 🇺🇸 nothing better than fresh linens dried outdoors

  3. Judi Polanowski

    Hi Niki. Thanks for sharing your lovely view with us. Love the additional information too! Greetings from West Chicago, Illinois USA. 👋😀🎶💕

  4. Sherron Tice Trimble

    Just beautiful!
    What are the pink flowers?
    Greetings from Tennessee, USA 🇺🇸

  5. Christine Fretwell McCune

    Beautiful! I’d love to have this but my husband doesn’t want to mow around them! 🙄
    Hi, from Uhrichsville, Ohio.

  6. Beautiful garden 🪴 & you can’t beat the fragrance of lavender 🌸 Hi 👋 from only a few miles away in Coventry xx

  7. What a beautiful garden. I love seeing washing line scenes, too. Best wishes from Napier, New Zealand.

  8. Barbara Larrabee

    My two favorite things as well!! When I’m hanging my laundry on the line I think if all the people everywhere who are doing or have done the same pretty much forever. Now i will think of your garden as well!

  9. Beautiful an old fashioned clothes line that we also had when I was growing up greetings from Toronto Australia stay safe 🤗

  10. Nothing beats washing drying in the fresh air. Beautiful garden ,evening from Lichfield Staffs

  11. Wow, colors pop, kinda wild, fun view. My very first house I bought had roses everywhere, yellow, peach, red, yellow and deep purple and white, the original owner built the house and loved roses, so she couldn’t decide on just a few colors. I wish I had taken some cuttings with me when I moved. Hello from Arvada, Colorado.

  12. Lois Cunningham

    Beautiful hello 👋👋 Warwick, UK from Ontario, Canada and may God bless you always

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