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I’m wanting cheap snack ideas! I’m thinking pop corn but I don’t like it just pl…

I’m wanting cheap snack ideas! I’m thinking pop corn but I don’t like it just plain 🙈 does anyone have any recipes / seasoning I can use 😬😬😬 I need to put the crisps down, please help!!!!

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  1. I pop mine in a crank popper on stovetop. 1 stick of butter and prob 1/4 – to 1/2 cup bacon grease. When popped sprinkle parmesan cheese on it.

  2. Add honeynut cheerios, nuts, m&ms, . Make your own trail mix. I’ve made this as Christmas gifts in decorative jars. People love it

  3. Mary Robert Rutkowski

    My husband Melts butter , adds a little hot sauce, garlic powder and salt to the melted butter and pours over the popcorn 😋

  4. Jaclyn Baxmann

    I use half a stick of melted butter and sprinkle on with a spoon, then I pinch salt on until it’s just right! Quick and easy!!!

  5. Make popcorn. Melt about 2 tbsp butter with 1 tbsp peanut/any nut butter, pinch cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, drizzle of honey or maple syrup. Stir half of hot, bubbly mix & drizzle over popcorn..toss, repeat with rest.

  6. Felisha Fraser-Bowman

    A friend of mine used to use taco seasoning and the Kraft dinner cheese powder seasoning! She would also buy those packages on seasonings that are meant for things like stews and sloppy joes and use them. She would use Alfredo seasonings, ranch.. I thought they’d be gross but I would try them and most were pretty good surprisingly 😂

  7. Melt marshmallows and butter, drizzle over popcorn (i make my own) a little salt and let dry on wax paper. Best stuff ever

  8. Dawn Richardson Milligan

    Parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast are my go to seasonings for popcorn.
    My one kiddo likes smoked paprika on his.

  9. I made some at Xmas with parmigiana grated cheese and a little salt Also some with celery salt. And one with chili powder as gifts add spice while still hot so it will stick

  10. Kerri Knight Schimert

    Pop your own, using white popcorn.
    Pop it in truffle oil, add salt, and pepper when it’s done. It’s delicious!
    (The white popcorn really does make a difference!!)

  11. Gina Romagnoli

    Pop your own popcorn, then drizzle 50/50 butter and bacon grease. You don’t need a lot, salt as needed, and fresh cracked black pepper.

  12. Juli Mott Bastien

    I just got me some dill pickle seasoning at Sams club that would be awesome on popcorn

  13. Chelsee C Albrecht

    My husband puts garlic powder on ours. So good. You can honestly season it with any seasoning you like

  14. Cook it in bacon grease on stovetop! Yummy! Or we mix in m&m’s sometimes, or sprinkle cinnamon sugar

  15. Jackie D. Forbes

    I love melted butter with a little lime over it and if you liked it got a little cayenne pepper

  16. There are some seasoning powders in the same place as the popcorn. I have done ranch, I have drizzled melted chocolate to give it some sweetness

  17. I get the cheese seasoning powder in the same isle as the popcorn. If I want a more sweet snack though I just add a little sugar

  18. Stephanie Ellison

    I make my husband cinnamon sugar popcorn. Literally toss w a small amount of butter & then cinnamon sugar mix just like making cinnamon toast

  19. Dry jello powder mixed up in your popcorn. Lots of flavors to choose from. Another good one is pop your popcorn in skillet in bacon grease. When done season with garlic salt

  20. Flavacol best thing we bought. No matter what we did we couldn’t get or popcorn buttery enough. Can get it off Amazon or here where we live GFS. 3.99’and it last forever. Taste just like the popcorn at the movies.

  21. I like to use cayenne pepper! Or Parmesan cheese. I’ve also done cavenders just depends my mood

  22. Angie Wensmann Boecker

    Plain popped popcorn spread on a baking sheet with some pretzels drizzled with white almond bark. Allow to cool and set. Stir and put in container

  23. Brenda Vincent

    My favorite is popped in the microwave. I drizzle it with olive oil and toss it with pink salt.

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