Ok so ppl that make Spaghetti sauce from scratch… I

i’m on a tight food budget this week, what are some of your favorite cheap meal?…

i’m on a tight food budget this week, what are some of your favorite cheap meal?

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25 thoughts on “i’m on a tight food budget this week, what are some of your favorite cheap meal?…”

  1. I do poor man’s Chipotle bowls 😅 whatever I’ve got in there (chicken or shrimp or beef or black beans) over rice with whatever vegetables we hav (onion, lettuce, tomato, salsa, a can of Rotel, corn) cheese and hot sauce 😅

  2. Meat ball subs/sandwiches, kfc bowls, spaghetti sloppy joes, mini meatloaf (use a muffin pan and only make as many servings as you need as one muffin cup is one serving/slice)

  3. Jessica J Holliday

    Tuna pasta casserole
    BLT pasta salad
    Chicken cattictore
    Enchilada beef dip
    Spinach salad
    Chicken caesar salad
    Chicken / turkey burgers
    …. I permanently live on a tight budget! There are oodles of menu planned dishes you can make that are different but use essentially the same ingredients

  4. Stacy Kite - Fuller

    Grilled cheese sandwiches…biscuit and gravy
    … chili… spaghetti…fried potatoes onion and kielbasa

  5. Chilli dogs, Lasagna hamburger helper, Frozen chicken patties, fettuccine Alfredo, Fish fillet Sandwiches, Sloppy Joe’s, Fried spam with rice and veggies, Frozen pizza, grilled cheese and soup, Biscuits and gravy, Taco’s, Macaroni and hot dogs, Penne pasta with marinara sauce, Tuna noodle casserole, Meatball subs, Spaghetti, Goulash, Hamburger gravy, Nachos, Raviolis and garlic knots, Frozen chicken strips, Potato soup

  6. Chantell Qvistgaard Giessinger

    Packet of knorr rice sides, 2 chicken breasts diced one cream of chicken, and add one can of water( I use better than bullion for “broth”) mix all together throw in a casserole dish bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes. Most of the time I just have to buy the chicken since I have everything else in my pantry usually.

  7. Marecia Mccoy Moore

    Grilled cheese, hot dogs, quesadilla, homemade soup, breakfast , breakfast burritos,beans and cornbread,.

  8. Dana Moore Bradshaw

    Smoked sausage and cabbage, tacos, grilled cheese and soup, salmon patties, corn beef hash and breakfast

  9. Joyce Mason Owens

    Cooked Ground beef mix in a bigger can of bush’s baked beans and some BBQ sauce. Heat it together. I eat it with cornbread I baked separately.

  10. Brittany Amber Porter

    Mac and hot dogs
    Mac and cheese
    Baked potato with bacon bits and cheese
    Pork n. Beans

  11. Shirley Clyburn

    Pasta is a good go to as well as beans and making casseroles and mixing in vegetables help alot. It’s just us two but I make enough to have another day. This week I did lasagna for two meals – one day a side salad next time italian green beans. Next meal was chicken and dumplings ( chicken thighs for .99 a lb ) one day lima beans snd beets next time corn on cob and remaining italian green beans. You get the idea. I like to plan meals but then sometimes it’s a spur of the moment on what we have to put together at tge last moment. I store weiners, frozen veggies, packages of sweet italian sausage, meatballs, chicken , ground beef, bacon ( luxury now with price jump) , pork chops and frozen biscuits, pizza dough, etc.

  12. Stephanie Bonsper

    I make soup with a can of kidney beans, 1/4 can of milk, 1-2 tbls butter and salt to taste
    Cook it on the stove top once its hot, simmer, stir occasionally and dont let it bubble up or build a film on the bottom… It’s done when the beans are soft and start to pop- takes about 20 min
    It sounds so weird but me my mom and grandma all love it

  13. I love frito chili pie cans of chili are a dollar at dollar general plus get a block of cheese. For 1.25 and some Fritos for like 2 bucks one of my favorite go to cheap meals and so is tator tot casserole 😌also grilled cheese and tomato soup is. Another one and cheese. Quesadillas

  14. Lizzy Shockey Wills

    Stir fry; frozen veggie mix, udon noodles, TerriAkyi sauce, bacon.

    Pigs in a blanket

    Toast w/ bacon, eggs.

    Banana + egg = banana pancakes

    Sweet potatos stuffed w/ chicken, bbq sauce

    Roasted peppers and broccoli w/ side salad

    Sweet potato, kale, chicken sausage soup

    Jalapeño gravy pork chops

  15. Grilled cheese. Franks and beans. Cottage cheese with fruit.
    Salad with a little meat or egg.
    Stir fry rice.

  16. Most if the local grocery stores sell a 10 lb bag of chicken quarters for 6 or 7 dollars. I cook it all and then debone it and freeze in portion size packaged. I use it for chicken spaghetti, chicken pasta salad, taco soup, enchiladas. I also like sausage with cabbage and noodles. Fast easy and cheap. And American goulash can be stretched with extra pasta and a bag of veggies.

  17. Shandi-Lee Doalman

    Sweet and sour sausages, curry sausages… casseroles, pasta bakes, all can be made in bulk and frozen for other meals, add tonnes of veggies in to bulk them out

  18. Buy the raw chicken tenders – cook them and cut them up and remove.
    Add four cups of cooked rice to olive oil and butter to brown a little, add egg and green onions and a frozen bag of peas and carrots…then top with soy sauce … you can even leave off the chicken.

    Very yummy and cheap

    Ham and spinach pasta
    1 box of the veggie spiral noodles
    1 ham steak
    1 carton of frozen spinach
    Season with garlic, Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes

    1 pound of ground turkey
    1 can of tomato sauce
    1 box of pasta shells
    Italian seasoning
    Cheddar cheese
    Can of corn

  19. If u go to Asda they have a nee range in to help family’s that are struggling, cooking bacon 75p a packet and a packet of potatoes 99p chopped onions 32p sorted xx

  20. Richard Delores Gilpin

    Tomato soup, grilled cheese or any kind of soups,breakfast meal’s anytime, mac,cheese, hotdogs, chili, vegetable soup

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