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I’m a dad and I’m looking for recipe ideas. Kids are 9 and 1. Generally I’d lik…

👋 I’m a dad and I’m looking for recipe ideas. Kids are 9 and 1. Generally I’d like to have some protein and veg in there if possible. If it can last a couple of days and reheat well, even better. Thank you 🙏

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  1. Suzanne Smith Sauls

    When my girls were little they didn’t like veggies. I started putting it in the middle of my meatloaf and they ate it

  2. Goulash & garlic bread
    Spaghetti & garlic bread
    Sloppy joes
    Tuna & noodles
    Meatloaf, potatoes and vegetable
    Mac and cheese with hotdogs
    Mac and cheese eith tuna and peas (mixed)
    Ramen noodles, can chix and green beans (mixed)

  3. Christy Wyrtzen

    I made chicken patties with rice and vegetables. I had a lot of leftover rice and vegetables so the next day I threw a can of Roteli ( drained), cooked down as much liquid as possible. Then threw in a half can of black beans ( drained) and half packet taco seasoning. Served with shredded cheese and chips. I still have quite a bit left. The very last night I used the last bit to stuff peppers. I mixed the rice and beans with enchilada sauce, stuffed the peppers, topped it with cheese. Baked it covered for 25 minutes, with 10 minutes left remove the foil and bake to get the cheese browned slightly.

  4. Nicole Gonzalez

    Sheppards pie season and brown ground beef drain add a bag of frozen mixed veggies make some gravy can do home made but i usually dona combo of canned/jarred and powdered add to meat let heat a lil more then put in baking dish top with mashed potatoes i make homemade then optional sprinkle paprika i use spanish smoked paprika then pop in oven on broil till golden brown

  5. Sausage, egg and cheese roll ups.
    Put cooked sausage link, slice of cheese and scrambled egg on crescent roll. Roll up and bake according to the directions on the crescent roll package. Easy and delicious. They reheat well too

  6. Kerri Balog Schwab

    Tater tot casserole. You can literally use whatever veggies you want! I have used corn, peas, broccoli, carrots…you get the point 🤣 My 8 year loves it and never complains about the vegetables.

  7. Danielle Marcella Reimer

    Chicken Alfredo bow tie pasta. Get an Alfredo packet and make the pasta. I put roasted red pepper, peas Carmelita onion and bacon in mine. You cam always adjust what you put in for your youngest.

    Fried rice with veggies. You can get Asain veggies for 1.50 from Bird Eye frozen

    Soups. Just buy the broth and in what ever veggies you have. Add your protien.

  8. We add beans to stretch our protein. Black and kidney and pinto beans. Garbanzo beans to every salad.

  9. Andrea Montemayor

    One of my favorite meals to make and reheat are turkey meatballs (I buy the 2 lb pack of ground turkey at Sams) with some Parmesan cheese and capers (optional). Then make your choice of veggies in the oven ( I do carrots, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc) and I make a batch of rice. Simple but easy and also easy to reheat

  10. Beef broth, pork chops with seasoning you like on top, smear sour cream on top then crispy fried onions. 350 degrees in oven for one hour if chops are thin. Longer for thick chops, 15 to 20 minutes. Our oven cooks on the hot side.

  11. Chicken Pot Pie

    1-2 cooked chicken breast (shredded or chunks) or whatever chicken pieces you want and how much you want in your pot pie

    4 small cans or 2 tall cans of cream of chicken soup. ( IF you like a dry pot pie use less cream of chicken soup

    3 cans of mixed vegetables or what ever vegetables you like. ( If you don’t like alot of vegetables you can cut down on how much you use ).

    Mix it all together in a cake pan or aluminum pan. Do not fill to the top because the crust has to go on top.
    You might be able to make a small pot pie with the left over mixture

    Leave it sit and make the crust mixture to go on top of mixture

    Get a box of bisquick

    ( This will make a thin pie crust if you like a thicker crust double the portions )

    Put 1 cup of bisquick in a bowl
    Add 1/2 cup of milk
    Add 1 egg
    Mix it up

    Then pour your bowl of crust mixture on top of the mixture that’s in the cake pan

    It looks like it’s not enough but it is because it will rise some. If you like a thick crust just double the ingredients.

    Put it in the oven on 350 until the crust browns

  12. Shannon Wilson

    With any ground beef recipe, you can make a pound stretch by substituting some cooked lentils.

  13. Sabrina Barnes Burton

    Chicken or beef noodles over mashed potatoes, chicken dumplings , chili Mac- Mac and cheese add chili, tuna casserole- Mac and cheese add tuna and peas

  14. Michelle Williams

    Three chicken breasts in the crockpot with one jar of salsa con queso. Cook on low for 6-8 hours then shred the chicken and stir. Serve on tortillas with your favorite taco toppings.

  15. Walmart bakery french bread, pizza sauce, cooked meat and toppings of your choice. Bake at 400 until cheese is melts and lightly brown.

  16. Take 3 boxes of scalloped potatoes mix and prepare as box directions..add a bag of frozen peas and a bag of frozen carrots and a pound and a half of diced ham, chicken, or cooked ground beef…mix together and cook slightly longer than box directions…pull out and top with shredded cheese blend and pop back in to melt cheese….my whole family loves it…it’s easy and delicious

  17. Fish sticks with veggie Mac n Cheese, Veggie Pizza bread and Spaghetti made with zucchini noodles, Broccoli cheese tots, Potato cakes with rice and carrots, Goulash, Hamburger helper, Tuna salad sandwiches

  18. Nicole Wentzel

    Bag of frozen meatballs jar or 2 of beef gravy. Throw in the crock pot serve over noodles or mashed potatoes with ur fav veggie

  19. Chicken Noodle Soup
    1-2 chicken breast or WHATEVER CHICKEN you like cut up or shredded
    1 bag of egg noodles
    3-4 pieces of Celery
    1-2 cans of carrots
    1-2 cans of sliced potatoes
    1-2 jars of Bouillon cubes ( I get the powder on, because I don’t like to unwrap them 🤣

    I boil my chicken in a big pot. As it boils I dip out the white foam on top.

    I cut up into pieces and boil the celery in a small pot

    When the chicken is finished boiling, I take it out and cut it up. You don’t have to dump the water because you can use it. Just dip the foam out.
    Put your noodles in the pot ( you will probably have to add water) and let them cook after they are finished start adding your ingredients.
    Cut or shredded your chicken put it back into the pot.
    Now drain your celery. Put it in your pot
    Drain your can of carrots
    ( I always run water through my can because I didn’t like the strong carrot taste ) Dump it in
    Repeat that with your can of potatoes
    ( if you want smaller pieces just take your knife and chop it up in the can )
    Now add the bouillon cubes until you reach your desired taste
    Now you have a pot of Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

  20. Sandy Matrious

    Teriyaki chicken. Boil chicken(if using boneless cut into chunks and brown)place in skillet with onion green pepper thinly sliced carrots and pineapple chunks. Top with teriyaki sauce and simmered until veggies are tender. Serve on rice or ramen noodles with a side of broccoli.

  21. Knorr has a variety of food packets to make in microwave. I add frozen veggies and cooked hamburger, ham, sausages after 6 minutes in microwave and makes 2 meals for me…the packs come in variety of noodles and rice and flavors….cheap meals and great for left over meat.

  22. I cooked these EASY recipes . It helps me stretch my budget on groceries. I prepare them beforehand. Prepacked them by servings and separating the meat from the sauce. Kids reheat them when hungry 😃 *KOREAN FRIED RICE *TERIYAKI pork/beef/chicken/tofu/veggies *CURRY pork/beef/chicken/veggies *BRAISED beef with mushroom/broccoli/ *SWEET AND SOUR pork/meatballs *SPICY GARLIC pork/chicken *DIMSUM STYLE pork with rice *JAMBALAYA pork/chicken/sausage/beef Just let me know which recipe you’re interested, ill be glad to share the details

  23. I make goulash with burger meat stewed tomatoes and elbow noodles or chicken meat. Noodles. Peas with cream of. … soup and broth. Second day add cheese and bake to heat

  24. Nicole Gonzalez

    Beef strogenoff season and brown ground beef make pasta of your choice we like angel hair make gravy can do homemade of jarred/canned or dry packets I do a combo of canned/jarred and dry packets of beef gravy and brown gravy sometimes I use a mushroom one mixed with others when meat is done drain grease and after gravy is done add to meat the combine with pasta I always make soupy since noodles will absorb gravy I let it sit for a lil covered then serve my daughter and I like to add sour cream and sometimes a lil Italian dressing it gives it a lil zip my daughter and husband will sometimes add just parmesan cheese you really dont need to add anything it’s great without but these are some extra options

  25. Roxanne Roeben

    I like pita pockets and then have some protein like shredded chicken, lettuce tomato etc. the kids can make their own pita pocket. I also take a pita and throw in some shaved ham and cheese wrap it in foil and let it heat in the oven so it gets all melted.

  26. Sandy Matrious

    Taco pasta/rice saute chopped onion and green pepper add corn and black beans both drained and a can of rotel tomatoes. Add cooked noodles or rice chopped cilantro and a can of fiesta nacho cheese soup. Mix and bake in a greased casserole dish until hot and bubbly. Add cheese on top and bake until melted.

  27. Chicken, ramen noodles, broccoli tossed with teriyaki sauce… reheats well… my kids 3, 8, & 12 love it

  28. Gail Daub-Kenney

    If you don’t cook keep it simple any casserole try frying hamburger and finely chopped or shredded veggies so they don’t know they are in there add what spices you like add a starch pot rice pasta and a sauce cream soups pasta sauces experiment. If using rice orange juice could be your sauce. Have kids involved in you choices. If they don’t like hamburger go for chicken or chopped hotdogs. Cooking is not that hard if you are willing to try different combos

  29. Crockpot Hawaiian Chicken

    1 Can Crushed Pineapples 1 Cup BBQ Sauce (Doesn’t have to be Hawaiin-Style, Honey BBQ Sauce would also be fine)
    2-4 Boneless Chicken Breasts (Or however many you need for your family)

    Directions: 1. Mix together BBQ Sauce and Pineapples together in bowl. 2. Place chicken in Crock Pot 3. Pour mixture over chicken 4. Cook on low for 5-6 hours.

    Note: You may use sugar free bbq sauce to cut down on the sugar.

    You can also add 1 cup of uncooked minute rice (plain or jasmine) to the crockpot when the chicken is finished cooking for about 1/2 hour. It will thicken the sauce but also complete the meal.

  30. Danielle DeBerg

    I just made “lazy lasagna” for the first time today. In a crock pot, put a layer of sauce on the bottom, then a layer of cheese ravioli (we used tortilini because the ravioli was gone) then some browned ground beef, a layer of spaghetti sauce, a little mozzarella cheese, the ravioli, beef, sauce, cheese-until the crock pot is full-ending with cheese on top. Cook on low for 4 hrs. It’s a hit with my kids! I served with tossed salads and breadsticks-though your little one might be too young for the tossed salads

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