IF you havent eaten this on a warm summer night

IF you haven’t eaten this on a warm summer night you are missing out. Imagine fr…

IF you haven’t eaten this on a warm summer night you are missing out. Imagine from google because they didn’t last long enough to snap my own.

Slice of corn beef
Smear cream cheese on top of corn beef
roll up with a pickle
And enjoy

thank for the original creator Megan McGrath

27 thoughts on “IF you haven’t eaten this on a warm summer night you are missing out. Imagine fr…”

  1. Laura Renskers-Harmon

    This is my go-to for potlucks!! Spread it roll it and cut it into slices and you have orderves!!

  2. I just made some of these the other day! I use ham or never tried using corned beef though 😮😮 sounds amazing

  3. Thomasa Tamalunas Smith

    We do this with the ham .

    Also u can do it with green onions it’s always a family dinner favorite

  4. Mona Prince Hickey

    Another way that is delicious. Grind the meat in a food processor, add some softened cream cheese and pulse to combine. Put this mixture in a bowl and stir in some green onions (blades only). Makes a delicious spread. We eat it on Ritz crackers. Delicious with ham too.

  5. I was just gonna ask what type of meat cause I’m over like like beef anything but
    Baloney olso, try ham cram cream in a wrap cut into bite size 

  6. Wanda Sue Cole Landrum

    A homemade pizza, top in order:
    *Pizza crust from the store
    *Mix miracle whip with sour cream
    *Add budding corned beef
    *Top with romaine lettuce

    Perfect for these hot summer days!

  7. Kelly Crowe Gaertner

    I use the dried beef as well… Using ham is too slimy for me, and make cream cheese get watery. I also prefer the salty taste from the dried beef. I make a spicy version by adding horseradish to the cream cheese . I only use a slice of pickle, because normally that’s all that will fit inside the slice of meat when it’s rolled up neatly.

  8. Becky Birczak Laymon

    I like to mince the meat and cream with the cream cheese and spread on flour tortillas and wrap a pickle spear and slice…they are always a big hit…

  9. Roseann Radkowski

    For a snack my aunt used to use ham, cream cheese and a pickle. It was so good. Haven’t had it in years.

  10. I make them for holidays, I use the dried beef in the jar. Let them sit in the refrig. overnight and slice them.

  11. My dad used to call these “horny pickles” lol we would twist a pickle slice and cream cheese into a little wad of meat. For some reason I do associate this with childhood summertime snacking!!

  12. Ashlee Leininger

    I do salami , cream cheese, zesty pickles and everything bagel seasoning and it’s AMAZING

  13. I mix the cream cheese with Lipton Dry onion soup, mix good and spread on ham, roll up, cut, and hold with toothpick.

  14. Make similar but also use tortillas .. spread cream cheese on tortillas .. meat – ham or corned beef / pastrami .. pickle .. rollup .. wrap with saran wrap .. refrigerate for a while .. then unwrap and slice in pieces .. great for appetizers for a party or lunch or snack !

  15. Amelia Dettbarn

    It’s delish for sure.
    Our family loves roll ups. Our fav is;
    Cream cheese
    Pepperonccinis 🔥 😋

  16. Make this into a dip! We mix one pack buddig beef diced, one pack cream cheese, 2-3 dill pickle spears diced, a couple splashes of worcestershire sauce, and sour cream until it is a dip consistency (I would say about 6-8 ounces). Chill it all together and we love it with Ritz toasted chips!

  17. Amy Shank Horns

    We use the beef and make some with pickles and some with a green onion in them. The green onion ones now go faster as our family gatherings

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