Ideas to use up these strawberries before they go bad

Ideas to use up these strawberries before they go bad

Ideas to use up these strawberries before they go bad🍓🍓🍓

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  1. Lisa Lindenmuth

    Put in a glass jar. You can put a paper towel in the jar if you want. They last much longer. I don’t wash until I’m ready to use.

  2. Jacqueline Isaac

    Strawberry short cake. Cut berries and put a little sugar on them then freeze in zip lock bags to be used for smoothies, ice cream, over angle food cake, milk shakes.

  3. Bri Renèe Trezza

    Do you have dogs? Blend with a bit of PLAIN sugar free yogurt & freeze for frozen treats

  4. Sprinkle sugar on them,cover them and let them sit till there’s a bunch of juice. Then you can add them to a bowl and pour some heavy cream on top! One of my favorite childhood snacks!

  5. Jennifer Turner

    Cut them up mix with sugar and freeze in smaller portions. Strawberry shortcake… All kinds of stuff

  6. Courtney McVay McKee

    Jam! Pinterest has some awesome and easy recipes! I just made 2 quarts of strawberry keto jam a couple days ago…cutting the strawberries took longer than anything. You’ll be done in no time since yours are already cut!

  7. put them on a sheet tray.Freeze them.After frozen put in a ziplock bag.Then grab what you want and eat frozen.Good snack

  8. Heat and mash them with some sugar, water, and cornstarch to make a simple strawberry syrup for pancakes

  9. Shelley Miscavitch-Lange

    Strawberry sauce for pancakes.. boil a bit of water n a wee bit of sugar if u want. Once boiling , put in strawberries..cook for a few minutes then once they break down a bit, mix in a table spoon or so of cornstarch into a cup with some of the boiling water.,mix until smooth then put back into the pot. Stir in and cook until thickened.
    Stowe yummy . Can even out on ice cream.

  10. Rip up one baked angel food cake in large bite size pieces. Mix one 6oz pkg instant cheesecake pudding. In larger bowl -layer angel food cake, pudding,strawberries, then cool whip. Repeat until you reach the top of the bowl. Made this on Memorial Day. It was a SUPER big hit and delicious!!! Got the angel food cake from Walmart bakery. Easy, delicious and no heating up the kitchen! I’m going to add blueberries with the strawberries next time for the 4th of July. Will be making this at all our family gatherings from now on. Trying different fruits throughout the seasons. It was soooo good!

  11. Stephanie Martin

    Make a syrup! Just heat them in a sauce pan and add some white sugar and a tablespoon or 2 of water. After it’s been simmering a few minutes take it off and blend it. Make sure it’s sweet enough for you. If not, add sugar until it’s there. Pour over pancakes, waffles, crapes, or just drink it! 😋

  12. Sauce for French toast! Or pancakes/crepes. Just put them in a pot on medium heat with a splash of water or juice. Once it boils and they start breaking down easily, stir in a few teaspoons of sugar and a cornstarch slurry until it thickens up and then it’ll be ready to top on your fav desserts

  13. Terry Lynn Lindsay

    Gets some whipped cream and those little desert cups and fill your cups with whipped cream and slice up the strawberries and put them on there.miniture strawberry short cakes

  14. Heather Boschee

    Arrange them on cookie sheets to freeze them then put them in freezer bags. That’s what I’m doing with mine as we speak! 

  15. Freeze some and store some in a mason jar in the fridge. They will last longer in a mason jar.

  16. Try this next time, to help keep them fresh longer. Remove green stems, rinse & lay to dry on paper towels. Store in a glass container ( jar or bowl). This keeps them several days longer..😊

  17. When mine get to that point I make strawberry ICE CREAM!!! I bought an inexpensive ice cream maker on Amazon and was the best purchase ever for the scorching hot Florida summer. I use a simple vanilla ice cream recipe and add this. I take a bunch of washed and cut strawberries and put in the blender and add like 3 tablespoons of sugar and a tiny bit of water to get the blades to move. I blend til smooth and put in container in freezer to chill. This stuff tastes amazing by itself truly! But as my machine is blending my ice cream I add slowly. It’s the best!!!

  18. I cooked mine with sugar then purée them. Put it in the fridge. Every time I make a pitcher of lemonade, I add some to the mix to make strawberry lemonade.

  19. Dawn Marie LeBeau

    Haven’t tried it myself, but next time try keeping them in a Mason jar to last longer.

  20. Elizabeth Kayes

    Smoothies! Greek yogurt, honey and berries together in blender till smoothie stage. You can make smoothies or freeze them in popcicle forms. My Grandchildren love them!!!!

  21. Make ice cream.
    2 cups heavy cream, mix until thick and at peak. Add 1 can condensed milk, 2 teaspoons of vanilla. Puree some strawberries then add to cream mixture. Place in a loaf pan and cover. Freeze in freezer overnight.

  22. Brianna Schenck

    The easiest and BEST strawberry cake. Purée the strawberries and add in to a box vanilla cake mix and bake. My 4 year old loved making it and the grandparents thought we made it from scratch!

  23. Tammy Wertz Marks

    I made strawberry topping and froze it in a few zip lock quart bags, for like cheesecake, icecream and other things that uses toppings

  24. Cobbler? 1 cup sugar, flour, and milk
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1/2 stick of butter
    2 cups of any fruit either fresh or frozen

    Put butter in a pan in a 350 degree oven. Once melted take out and pour in flour sugar milk baking powder mixture into baking pan without stirring. Then add the fruit straight on top without stirring and sprinkle on a bit of sugar or cinnamon sugar depending on what kind of fruit you used and then bake for about 50 minutes to an hour. Super easy and ingredients you probably already have.

  25. Pam Hinrichsen Moore

    If I can’t use them before they go bad, I take the green tips off, lay them on a cookie sheet and freeze them, once frozen individually, I put them in a ziploc bag and use as needed

  26. Dump some sugar in there and put back in fridge! Just eat em later! My kids will fight me for who gets to drink the juice from them!😁 we call it ” hummingbird juice” 😂😂🍓🍓🍓

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