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I want to make chicken salad, but I’ve never made it before so I’m not sure how …

I want to make chicken salad, but I’ve never made it before so I’m not sure how to make it good. I have two cans of chicken and plenty of mayo so I have the basic down

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38 thoughts on “I want to make chicken salad, but I’ve never made it before so I’m not sure how …”

  1. Jackie Parkerson

    I do chicken celery or celery seeds, grapes and either pecans or walnuts. I always add a small can of chopped mandarin oranges and then add mayo and whatever herbs you want.

  2. Linda Winchester Crossetti

    Drained chicken, Mayonnaise, Celery, a little onion, spoon full of sweet pickle relish, and dried cranberries. DELICIOUS 😋

  3. Miracle whip, green apple, finely diced, green grapes, halved, celery, finely diced, dried cranberries and pistachios and fresh ground pepper.

  4. Michele Parker

    Mayo, chopped onion crushed pineapple and chopped pecans. 😋you can use almonds or walnuts if you prefer.

  5. Carla Langston

    I like mine with a little mustard, chopped pecans and green grape halves, however I also make a version with craisins and pistachios at Christmas time both are yummy

  6. I add onions, chopped homemade sweet pickles, celery, a finely chopped hard boiled egg, salt & pepper, and a small amount of sugar . . . and only Duke’s Mayo.

  7. I add celery, some eggs, onion,pecans, dried cranberries or apple chunks or grapes( whatever I have on hand) a Little celery seed and a little season all. I use a mixture of a little low fat mayonnaise and low fat miracle whip.

  8. Natasha McKellar

    can add a lil mashed potatoes to make it stretch further and make it creamy. also mayo and relish is all!

  9. Donna Young Dannelly

    I use a rotisserie chicken , boiled eggs, onion, sweetpickles ,mayo, green apple, a little celery , paprika salt & pepper some times a little diced jalapeño

  10. Elizabeth Burrell

    I like mine savory. If your using canned chicken just Mayo, finely chopped onion and celery, a spoon full of chow-chow and a little mustard. Season it with garlic salt, pepper, and celery salt.

  11. Add what you like. Leave out what you don’t.
    Diced onion, celery, pepper, pickles, dries cranberries, nuts.
    I like to add a squirt of ketchup, gives a little zing, but could also use mustard or hot sauce.

  12. Shannon Gossar

    Drain the chicken good add little mayo chopped celery dried cranberries a little honey and chopped pecans. You can add more mayo if needed

  13. Sherry Stevens

    Chicken ,mayo, celery chopped small, sweet relish and pepper. Mix all together. Simple chicken salad.

  14. My trick is a lot of garlic powder, sweet relish and a little celery salt. If you don’t like garlic you can leave that out but the celery salt is a must. Sometimes I then add dried cranberries but that’s only sometimes.

  15. Paula Shemansky

    If u can minus the canned chicken, and do fresh…better, if not still ok. Celery, onion, miracle whip not maoy. Salt/pepper/garlic powder/ onion powder. If u wanna get fancy, add chopped hardboiled eggs. If you don’t like eggs add chopped apples or grapes, and golden raisins. I like pecans w the grape combo bc they are such a less hard nut than say an almond. U can add shredded carrots too. Make it your own. Enjoy!

  16. Wendy Banks Bland

    I put lots in mine. Grapes, apples, pecans, little bit of onion, mayo and a little mustard. Oh and relish.

  17. Roni Morgan Evans

    Hard boiled eggs, sweet relish, mayo, celery chopped fine, onion minced and s&p. Easy Peasy.

  18. Donna Sue Morgan

    Can chicken works great, just don’t over mix. You don’t have to add any other chicken.
    I drain well, add what you like. I like celery, onion, egg, squirt of horseradish mustard, salt, pepper. Can add fruit and nuts. (I do sometimes).

  19. I use a little celery and sweet pickle relish, salt and pepper. I don’t care for dill. Good Quality Mayo!

  20. Tracy Statz Johnston

    I use lots of dill, toasted slivered almonds, diced celery, and mayo. I always use grilled chicken breast but the canned chicken would work too!

  21. Linda Hunnicutt

    Diced celery, red onion, salt,pepper, dill / sweet relish shredded cheese, and a little guacamole. You can omit guacamole for plain ch. salad.

  22. Lisa Nystrom-Harvey

    Mayo, celery, grapes cut in half, sliced apple, salt, pepper,celery salt. Sometimes I add almond slices or walnuts

  23. Cynthia Lynn Johnson

    There are so many different recipes but I like this one take your canned chicken and run under warm water when you drain it to get the jelly off then add real Mayo celery and onion dried cranberries and tarragon salt pepper and a pinch of sugar it’s amazing chicken salad

  24. Charlotte Mcbride Striplin

    I make mine like this:
    Shredded chicken
    Chopped celery
    Chopped grapes
    Chopped granny Smith apple
    Chopped pickles
    Chopped cucumber
    Chopped pecans
    Salt and pepper
    Mayo. Mix well.

  25. Add green onions. A little seasoning. Whatever seasoning you like but just a little. You can add chopped celery. I use miracle whip. Just enough to stick it all together. I don’t eat it until refrigerated for several hours. I take a big scoop and put on cut up romaine lettuce and add some grape tomatoes.

  26. Dave Erika Jaskela

    I love to use a rotisserie chicken ( the chicken is perfect). I add chopped apple, diced onion & celery, mayo, Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar and salt/pepper. Delicious!!

  27. Pat Fitzgerald

    Some of the chicken chopped very fine and the rest in smallish chunks. Add mayo, salt, pepper and celery. Because I am a serious dog owner and grapes are extremely poisonous to dogs, I chop up a crisp apple. I add the apple to the chicken salad in place of halved grapes. Its very yummy.

  28. Amy Callantine

    I make mine with celery, a small amount of sweet pepper, garlic powder, black pepper and a bit of season salt with mayo, amounts to your preference. But you can add anything! Whatever is in your fridge.

  29. Jennifer Reitz

    My husband likes to add dill pickle relish, dill pickle juice, mayo, brown spicy mustard, pepper and hot sauce.
    My son likes miracle whip, honey mustard, pepper.
    I like it with halved grapes, slivered almonds, curry, mayo and mustard.

  30. Beverly Bairefoot

    Add onions celery boiled eggs sweet salad cubes salt pepper and the chicken and mayo. Mix all together I’ve never used canned chicken.

  31. Add chopped hard boiled eggs,celery,sweet pickles,onion, salt& pepper. Mix with mayo. Some add raisins,grapes,dried cranberries, diced apples,chopped pecans.

  32. Connie ChesserTalley

    I use chicken tenderloins. Cook them then shred chicken up. Add Mayo, celery, onion (chopped fine). I also put apples and purple grapes in mine (chopped up pretty good). Salt and Pepper. I don’t do the can chicken because it tastes different to me. Also, you can go to Walmart or Brookshires and pick up chicken salad already in containers. Just add your fruit if you want. Any grocery store usually has containers of chicken salad.

  33. I do cut up rotisserie chicken celery,sweet relish, cut up apples, grapes, onions mayo and chopped pecans. I serve it on crescents or sour dough bread..a little salt and pepper.

  34. I’d use can chicken for enchiladas or quesadillas. You need some dark meat to really give it flavor. You can buy and pull meat from a rotisserie chicken. I add dill relish and green onions with Cavenders spice and a little salt/pepper. My hubby likes his with apples and pineapple in it.

  35. Sweet and dill pickles, chopped eggs celery, a little dill pickle juice and mayo…And of course salt and pepper.

  36. Margie Silvas Sanchez

    I put grape halves, wall nuts and celery seed, mayo & a lil tiny bit of mustard in mine. Apples on occasion too

  37. Phyllis Bolsinger

    Chicken, celery, sunflower seeds, mayo, Dijon, grapes, salt, pinch of sugar and herb of choice. We like tarragon or oregano or dill. You can add onion if you want.

  38. I add a cut small apple, celery and rarely grapes halved. Tiny amount of salt and pepper

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