I stay in a little rowhouse in Putten, the Netherlands. This is my aspiration occur t…

I are living in a tiny rowhouse in Putten, the Netherlands. This is my desire come genuine and I am grateful day-to-day that I live in this article.
My parents still left Holland when I was 4. All my existence I swore i would arrive back and at last at 28 I did. It still feels like a wonder.
This photo was manufactured beside my again doorway as they have been working on the neighbor’s home. The sunset arrived at just the suitable time.

thank for the original creator Gerty Van’t Klaphek

37 thoughts on “I stay in a little rowhouse in Putten, the Netherlands. This is my aspiration occur t…”

  1. Linda D'Agosto Yeager

    I would move to the Netherlands in a heartbeat. I hope I have at least one more time to visit. Hello from a farm in Oregon USA.

  2. I love this group….I haven’t posted a picture as I live in urban/suburbia of Jacksonville Fl. I’m sure you don’t want to see my view. But I am always amazed at the global photos, whether posh homes or desert dirt homes. Everyone is able to express their heartfelt feelings of gratitude why they live where they are and they do.. In saying that everyone who comments are always positive in their responses. I wish (no political implication here) that all the leaders of the many countries that have their citizens post here could see we are all pretty much the same and lift each other up with support of each other.

  3. How dramatic! Must be a big house for a crane that size! Congrats on getting back home. Hello from near Philadelphia, PA (USA).

  4. Mary Jo Brinkhoff Kilgas

    Thank you for sharing your view of the Netherlands. My parents immigrated from Nijmegen, NL in 1957 to Kimberly, Wisconsin USA. I was born 2 months after they arrived in their new home. I grew up with the Netherlands in my heart.

  5. Cosima Rizzo Hopper

    Hello from California, USA. Thank you for sharing and helping to connect the people and cultures of this amazing world we all share.

  6. Doris James Ross

    We hope to visit The Netherlands when circumstances permit. My husband worked there years ago and has always wanted to go back and take me. Hello from Kentucky Lake USA

  7. Debra Sheffield Baker

    from 🇺🇸
    Wylie, Texas 🇨🇱
    Stay Safe 🙏

  8. Kathy Wegener Cooper

    Good for you!
    We visited Netherlands a few years ago. Such clean living!
    Hello from San Diego, California, USA

  9. Jacqueline Mooney

    I went to The Netherlands in 2018 – it’s a fabulous place. It sounds like you feel right at home there, which is great. Cheers from Darwin, Australia.

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