I see all of these awesome images from all around the entire world and am so grateful to yo…

I see all of these amazing pictures from about the world and am so grateful to you all for sharing your life. The look at from my window is significantly significantly less exciting. We are in North Dandalup, a smaller town, if it can be called that, about 80km (50 miles) south of Perth centre, Western Australia. We arrived here about 5 years in the past right after living in rural Queensland for some yrs and each detest the stress of metropolis lifestyle, but desired to be nearer to our only granddaughter, who is 40km away in the southern suburbs. All of my household dwell south of us, in beachside settlements, on farms and in larger regional towns. We are 25 minutes from the ocean and 15 minutes from the nearest buying centre. The Darling Escarpment rises behind us, with lush forests and drinking water catchments for the dams that provide Perth. Our household is 100 a long time old this year and stays an ongoing challenge following decades of neglect. We’re surrounded by substantial sheep and cattle farms, with quite a few scaled-down properties of 5-10 acres in which every person looks to have horses. Some of people attributes lie throughout from us powering the trees, with a railway dividing us. The partitions shake when a freight teach goes previous. It truly is a extremely restricted-knit community where pretty much everybody knows every single other. I adore it.

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47 thoughts on “I see all of these awesome images from all around the entire world and am so grateful to yo…”

  1. That looks like a peaceful , beautiful part of our country greetings from Toronto NSW stay safe🤗

  2. Love your story and view. My wife and I went to Perth and surrounding areas three years in a row and loved it. Hello from Alvin Texas. We are South of Houston and about 30 minutes from Galveston and the Gulf of Mexico.

  3. Hi from Kiama NSW. You moved about the same time as us – we came here from North Wales, to be closer to our daughter and grandchildren. We‘re so glad we moved too.

  4. Jeanette Frison Taylor

    I think that kind of community would be wonderful! Hello from Central Florida USA

  5. Kathy Landis Bowman

    How close are you to Mandurah? I have wonderful friends there. Hi from Orange, California.

  6. A lovely view and a great description of the area. North Dandalup is a nice little place, although definitely a bit cooler than Queensland. 😁 Hello from Perth.

  7. Your description and view is lovely. Very much a sense of peace. Cheers from New Mexico, USA!

  8. Blessings and greetings from Southern Pines, NC (USA). Your piece of good earth is precious! 🌎 Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sounds like a special place. Hello from St. Augustine, USA. We are on the St. John’s river that flows south to north into the Atlantic ocean.

  10. Patricia Edwards

    Love your description of where you live. Hi from beautiful bayside Brisbane. Australia

  11. Charlotte Cabaniss

    You have chosen a good place to be! It’s pretty and close to family. I would enjoy hearing the train rumble by…..maybe with a whistle blowing!

  12. Rosemary Morss

    Is there a man standing across the street? Looks so green where you are, and so lush. Thanks for sharing from Walnut Creek, CA

  13. Rose E. Sherry

    You have painted a picture of peace and serenity which we all long for. Cheers from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

  14. Love hearing about Australia and your surrounding countryside. Looks so peaceful. Best wishes from Toronto, Ohio. USA.

  15. Very interesting, thanks. I have been to Sydney, Brisbane, sp?, and the Outback to see Ayers Rock. Everyone so nice.
    From Houston, Texas, USA.

  16. Mary Jane Kelso

    Sounds like a perfect place to live. Even tho I live in a new house, I love the old ones. They have such stories to tell. Hello from the mountains of southern California. 😎

  17. Shirley Olivari

    That is such a beautiful place in WA. I love visiting the South West. We live in Perth. 😃

  18. Karen Cox Eubanks

    What a lovely description of your new home.
    Greetings from the coast of North Carolina U.S.

  19. I think it was Emily Dickinson who said , “I dwell in possibility”. That is what your beautiful view and description of your community say to me. I would also love to know what you have planted ! Hello from Philadelphia, USA. This is a wonderful view.

  20. Nancy R Seaton

    Beautiful view 😍 love it
    Congratulations on your move!
    Sounds amazing!
    Hello from Austin Texas USA

  21. Seems like you have found a good, peaceful and very comfortable way to live. Doesn’t it feel good to be surrounded by a friendly community and family. We’ve chosen that way of life to downsizing from a big house with a swimming pool on a golf course to a townhome and a close knit community.

  22. Sheila N Peter Maurer

    Lovely. Thanks very much for sharing a glimpse of your beautiful country. It’s on my bucket list. Greetings from Ontario Canada

  23. how lovely…hoping your view will bring you peace, happiness & safety…every best wish from Houston, Texas, USA.

  24. Sherry McCormick

    Lovely place to be! My dream has been to visit Australia. I’m afraid I’m past that point now. So many marvelous places to see! Hi from Gloucester, Virginia, USA 🇺🇸

  25. Oh my, this sounds like a dream come true!! Good on you! Thank you for sharing!!
    Cheers from
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA 🇺🇸

  26. Beautiful! I would love to go to Australia someday. My husband’s mom was originally from there.

  27. Lois Cunningham

    Greetings Australia from Ontario, Canada and may God bless you always Your view is wonderful

  28. Thank you for sharing your beautiful picture and story
    Greetings and best wishes from Oregon USA

  29. It sounds wonderful! What a good compromise you’ve worked out for enjoyment of family and home and neighbors. Thanks for sharing and peace to you all from the foothills of North Carolina, USA.

  30. Linda Love Jacobson

    That’s truly beautiful. What a great location you have. I love all the green. Hi from Camarillo California

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