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I need some ideas(delete if not allowed) We are going on a trip that consists o…

I need some ideas(delete if not allowed)
We are going on a trip that consists of driving 12hrs with a 6 year old and 2 year old. We’re doing the drive there in 2 days and same with the drive back and then spending 2 days there. I’m want to only pay for dinners while we are gone. And do breakfast and lunch from what I can have in a cooler. So far I have muffins, pop tarts for breakfats and lunchables and pb&j and turkey sandwiches for lunch. Also more snack ideas too!! Thanks!

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  1. Some fruits some cheeses some cookies and some crackers egg salad sandwiches juices some string cheese and maybe some milk

  2. Frances Karp Knopf

    Cerrsl sne milk. We did thst in 1975 worked out good. We would stip at nite let kids swim and play. Had breakfast and drive another 500. Miles.

  3. Rice bubbles and milk for breaky. Adding fruit ontop
    Snack could be veggie sticks and hummus.
    Store carrots in water and they stay crispy same with celery.
    Apples, bananas.

  4. Amber Hedstrom Koepl

    Granola and Yogurt cups.
    Charcuterie board: Crackers, cheese, nuts, fresh fruit, meats, jam, dried fruits.
    Cookies and bars.
    Pre cook bacon and package in ziplocs.
    Cereal for snacks and breakfasts.

  5. Sasha D. Horstmann

    Ham and chedder on crossaints for breakfast, boiled eggs, string cheese, apples, bananas, fruit, cold pizza, premade tuna to make sandwiches.

  6. Cynthia Hess Poliey Wall

    Cereal, fruits, yogurt drinks for breakfast.. the day of the trip Mahe egg / bacon sandwiches… eat while on the road.. instant oatmeal… bring an electric teapot….. uncrustables, Make hard boiled eggs before leaving for egg salad sandwiches….a snack and drink. Many snacks mentioned have sugar abs the more sugar you consume the more too want. Snacks really aren’t filling…need meals… sandwiches fruit and a drink

  7. Yogurts especially go gurts travel well. So do applesauce cups, and other fruit cups, and those dont need refrigeration.

  8. Dehydrated fruit snacks from dollar general a buck a bag I love the strawberry fruit boxes, chips, pretzel rods, cheese cracker sandwiches,

  9. Tamarene Boswell

    Trail mix. Nuts are good. Celery sticks made up with cream cheese and raisins. Try and have every thing made up and prepackaged so you just have to hand it out and not make it as your traveling. Those snack size bags are good for nuts and such.

  10. Cecilia Clark Zly Janssen

    Fresh fruit. Individual fruit or applesauce cups.cheese sticks or Baby Bel individual cheese servings. Limit processed sugar products because it does produce energy bursts in some children.

  11. Melanie Freeman Burges

    Freeze water bottles to use as ice packs.
    I avoid dairy because if it spills you can have a stinky mess. So I don’t do any milk or yogurt.
    Granola bars, goldfish crackers, potato chips, trail mix. Really whatever kind of snacks they like. If you don’t buy them already individually portioned, use small zipper bags and portion them. this helps in a couple of ways. First of all you don’t have hands in the bag that everybody else is going to eat out of. Also if it spills just a small portion spills, not the whole bag.

  12. Cheryl Cabana Clark

    Beef & cheese sticks that come packaged together.Go-gurts, cheez-its, snack mix you make of what they like,(nuts, raisins, M&Ms, yogurt covered raisins, craisins, cinnamon or honey nut Cheerios), apple slices, peanut butter.

  13. We pack coolers a lot for our family- we are very much sandwich, lunch meat, precut fruit and bananas, pretzels, chips, beef jerky/meat sticks, we do cubed cheese, my kids like trail mix, crackers, mini cookies, fruit crisps, dried mango. Tortilla roll ups. We do hummus cups, guacamole and salsa cups with any chip we like, lots of water, sometimes we throw in capri suns. We like nuts like cashews and almonds. Nutrigrain bars, Belvita biscuits. Fruit snacks.

  14. String cheese and crackers, ham and cheese pin wheels (spread cream cheese and thin sliced deli ham on large size flour tortillas and roll up firmly then slice in 1 inch slices)

  15. Veggies and dip, fruit skewers, yogurt sticks, pre-made French toast sticks with syrup to dip, cheese and crackers

  16. I love munching on cereal mix. Make your own. Hone nut cheerios, with the chocolate version too. Yogurt raisins, bugles, square prettzles, cheez-its crackers. Semi healthy. Can add what ever your favorites are. Put into baggies that can be grabbed. I agree with other comments, make it fun. Pb n j wraps are really good too. The artisan square bread, cut in half , container of chicken salad from deli in grocery store. Grapes, and handful of gold fish crackers.

  17. Sherikay Griffith

    Breakfast burritos,bacon Ceasars wrap lunch,7 layer burritos for dinner all pre-made put in cooler

  18. Cheese stick. Crackers. Make a big bowl of tuna or chicken salad divided into containers you can eat those with crackers on the go

  19. Make sure each kid has something to take photos whole driving of cool things they see. Babywipes are a must. Favorite cereal to snack on put in baggies. Fruit like applesauce pouches.

  20. Susie Hoskins Dale

    Individual bags of cheese crackers, goldfish, pretzels or cereal. Snack bags of peeled cuties or grapes. Granola bars.

  21. We made up burritos prepared breakfast or lunch ones reheat in microwave an eat . Lunch meats , chunck cheese , crackers, pop popcorn put in gallon bag, cereal in gallon bag, gummy bears, take a toaster toast bread put slice in middle / grilled cheese sandwiches, chunk hard salami, pepperoni up put in bags, grapes cut in half , oranges, apples , bananas, cuties , pickles , cauliflower, broccoli,carrots, peppers sliced all fresh veggies but in separate bags , bottle of ranch dressing, nuts , cups of applesauce or Maidrianoranges , crackers, plenty water an juice buy the gallon it’s cheaper an use a sippy cup , this food on the road as well as breakfast an lunch at hotel . But most do complementary meals 

  22. Catherine McGuinness

    Fresh fruit, halos, cut watermelon, apples, goldfish crackers, cheese strings, yogurt tubes or drinkable, lara bars, raisins, dried fruit of all types or a trail mix, water!!!

  23. Snider’s Pretzel Rounds are fun with cheese sticks. Grapes & small Rockit Apples- my daughter, 12, loves these little apples. Grape tomatoes, celery & peanut butter to dip in. Yogurt, granola, smoothies or gogurt. We usually get one junk snack a trip when we stop for gas.

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